13 Healthy (But Fun!) Date Ideas

These dates are as fun as they are healthy.

13 Healthy And Fun Date Ideas For Couples reshot


Dates (and social events in general) are rarely the healthiest occasions, because who wants to do that? But you don't have to limit date ideas to eating restaurant dinners and binge-watching shows on the couch. The more creative you get, the more options you have.

To inspire your next night out together, we've come up with 13 healthy and fun date ideas to enjoy each other's company without having to completely ditch your usual healthy habits. See them ahead!


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1. Go on a bike ride.

Pick a fun route and pedal your way through town. Bonus points if you tandem bike, but a Citi Bike rental (if you don't have your own wheels) will also do.

2. Take a cooking class.



Romantic and educational? It really doesn't get any better than that. Plus, the two of you can take your skills home and recreate the meal on special occasions.

3. Go hiking.

The more scenic, the better. And if you feel like going the extra mile, select a site with campgrounds to make it into an overnight trip.

4. Enjoy a healthy picnic.



After sharing all your favorite good-for-you foods, spend the rest of your afternoon cuddling and relaxing. Wine and chocolate are totally encouraged.

5. Have sex.

Sex may not be considered an actual workout, but it does the body good in more ways than one. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease and serve as a great stress reliever.

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6. Go shopping at the farmer's market.

Skip the grocery store and take advantage of your local, fresh produce instead. Plus, it's so much more fun than walking from aisle to aisle.

7. Cook dinner at home.

Opt for a romantic night in and put your kitchen skills to the test. Home-cooked meals are healthier and often less expensive than dining out — a win-win.


8. Work out together.

Try something completely new such as a boxing class or a boot camp. Pushing yourselves outside your comfort zone will be the ultimate bonding experience.

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9. Splurge on a couple's massage.

Yes, it's definitely an extravagant date idea, but consider it a beneficial wellness practice. Massages offer health perks including improved circulation, better recovery, and better posture.


10. Go dancing.

There's no better way to burn calories and have an amazing time while you're at it. Hit the dance floor during a night out or opt to take a class if you're looking for more structure.

11. Enjoy a relaxing staycation.

You don't need to leave your city to feel like you're getting away. Unplug for a full day and take advantage of what's right around your home.

12. Visit an amusement park.



Remember to wear comfy shoes because the two of you will be doing a whole lot of walking. So much in fact that all the fried foods you eat basically won't count.

13. Go for a romantic nighttime stroll.

Pause your TV show or movie to take in your cityscape in real life. Even if it's just around your block, it'll feel nice to break up your routine.

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