The Kind Of Friend You Are, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type & Traits

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The Kind Of Friend You Are, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type & Traits

The Myers-Briggs personality test consists of 16 possible results or personality types.

Some types are naturally better friends than others. Some friends are serious and loyal, while others are fleeting but fun. Some are reserved and private, and others will open up and tell you every detail of their life the first time you hang out.

Each Myers-Briggs personality type has its strengths and weaknesses that make them a specific kind of friend and individual.

If you associate with multiple types, you’ll find that you have a friend group that truly complements each other. And in celebration of all the types of friends you have in your friend group or squad, we've compiled each Myers-Briggs personality type along with what type of friend they are most likely to be.

Friendships of all kinds deserve celebration, so it’s important to appreciate your friends for their uniqueness! And once you determine which personality type you are by taking the MBIT test, you can learn how you are as a friend.

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INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging): The Friend Who Can Read You Like A Book

Although your INFJ friend is one of the slowest to open up, she probably knows you better than you know yourself. She's extremely intuitive and can pick up on the slightest change in your tone and body language.

Helping others is her strength, and she’ll step in without hesitation when she knows you need it most. This is especially valuable during pain that is difficult to talk about; she’ll initiate the conversation that you need and listen intently.

INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging): The Sarcastic Friend

Others might find this friend strange or off-putting, but you know her true demeanor. You might even find yourself apologizing on her behalf. Her humor is shockingly dark but strangely intelligent and witty. She has quite the imagination but loves to be sarcastic.

She won’t waste time on those who “don’t get it,” but since you do, she’ll keep you around. Be aware: your sarcastic INTJ friend doesn’t do well with emotions or empathy. Only come to her with problems if you’re looking for a solution.

INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving): The Smart Friend

Your INTP friend lives for logic. This is the person you call first when you need help understanding a complex topic, need a fresh perspective, or just plain want to debate a topic without your opponent getting upset.

It probably took you a while to earn her trust, but now that you have it, you have a sturdy friend for life. Like the INTJs, INTPs have difficulty with emotional expression, but she's far from useless. She adores puzzles and can help you with even the stickiest of situations.

INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving): The Loyal Friend

Although many types are considered loyal friends, none quite measure up to the loyalty of an INFP friend. Like many introverted types, her friendship must first be earned but is unbreakable once she trusts you.

She solves problems best on her own, so she might “disappear” for short amounts of time — but she’ll always be back. This is a friend you might feel like you don’t know much about (INFPs are notoriously enigmatic), but you’ll probably be friends long enough to know each other’s grandchildren.

ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging): The Friend Who Is Just Like You

At least, it appears that way. Your friendship with an ISFJ likely started at random; maybe you were in a class together or you happened to sit next to each other on a subway. Regardless, your friendship is a close one and you’re two peas in a pod.

Your ISFJ friend undoubtedly puts your needs before her own, often neglecting her preferences to please you (she’s adaptable, so she’ll enjoy your choices just as much). She’d be quick to stand up for you to anyone who knocks her down because she takes it personally. This is a friend to keep around.

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ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging): The Friend Who Would Drop Everything To Help You

This is the friend who you need to call in the direst of situations. She’ll never be too busy or too far away to pick you up from an unsafe situation or be by your side during an important event.

Although you might find this friend to have a dry sense of humor (or none at all) and be unnecessarily serious during a fun time, she values her friendships above all else and expresses this through her dependability. Interestingly, this is the most common of the personality types, so you might have more than one ISTJ in your circle.

ISFP (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling Perceiving): The Eccentric Friend

This friend is pretty wacky, to say the least. She's artistic and one-of-a-kind. You’ll never get bored hanging out with an ISFP; in fact, she might even get you into some pretty sticky situations. Her constant craving for adventure leads you to make some of your most interesting memories by her side.

Although she can be shy, she’s spontaneous and always open to meeting new people and trying new things. She’ll never judge and expects the same from everyone else.

ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving): The Quiet Friend

Most introverted personalities aren’t talkative, but ISTPs are particularly quiet. She certainly won’t discuss emotions and will shy away from any conversation that doesn’t hold her interest. Friendships with ISTPs are typically based on mutually enjoyed activities, so there’s not much need for talking anyway.

Although she’s usually open to parties, she’ll revert to the corner and avoid socializing. Even though she’s typically quiet, she’ll surprise you with little relatable jokes and insightful observations to make you giggle. And even though she might not express it, she genuinely appreciates your company.

ENTJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging): The (Overly) Motivating Friend

This is the friend who pops up bright and early on a Sunday morning pulling you out of bed for a mimosa. She’s the one who drags you along to social events that you initially weren’t interested in (although you usually end up having fun).

Your ENTJ friend is extremely motivated in her own life and wants to share the energy to motivate everyone. She’s smart and on her way to success and wants you to be just as successful. Everyone needs a friend like this, regardless of how irritating the constant energy can be to an introvert.

ENTP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving): The Blunt Friend

Your ENTP friend is nothing short of honest. In fact, too often she’s just plain blunt. She might have hurt your feelings once or twice with her overt honesty, but that’s never been her intention.

ENTPs are not “feelers” — they’re “thinkers.” It’s difficult for them to pick up on others’ emotions, which is why they’re so quick to verbalize observations that others might keep to themselves.

This isn’t always a bad thing, though. This is the friend who will let you know when you’ve got something in your teeth or if you’re drunkenly embarrassing yourself at a party. This friend is also great at thoughtful discussions and will likely give you some great life advice. Don’t take her startling bluntness the wrong way; that’s just the way she is.

ENFJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging): The Friend Who Is Friends With Everyone

This friend is a true extrovert, and it shows. She seems to know everyone. You can’t go anywhere without running into someone your ENFJ friend knows, and she’s quick to make new friends, too.

She has a keen ability to connect with people over small commonalities that most people wouldn’t even notice. And, as you know, it’s easy to be drawn to her. She’s optimistic, friendly and all around likable. She may have lots of acquaintances, but she’s always most loyal to her closest circle.

ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving): The Crazy Friend

Everyone has a crazy friend, and she’s probably an ENFP. This friend has some pretty loony ideas, but she’s also in touch with her spirituality and mysticism.

She’s empathetic and quick to give interesting suggestions based on feelings and intuition. She’s always in search of a deeper meaning, taking you along on “quests” and reading into meaningless events.

Her craziness carries over into a party-centric lifestyle; like ISFPs, ENFPs crave adventure and fun, but they often get carried away. You’ll make some pretty wild memories together, and you won’t forget her unique perspectives on life.

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ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging): The Stubborn Friend

An ESTJ friend is a born leader and needs everyone around her to know. She (successfully) takes charge during group activities and is usually an idea-machine. However, she hates being crossed.

She isn’t open to others’ ideas and suggestions, assuming that hers are the best. Her charisma allows her to be surprisingly popular, and she’s a great friend to come to with your problems. She’s firm in her beliefs and decisions, and will motivate you to be the same (in your other relationships, of course).

ESTP (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving): The Life of the Party

Your ESTP friend is a born entrepreneur; she’s charismatic, charming and people are drawn to her. She’s the life of every party and social event. You’ve probably noticed that she’s the life of your friendship, too (unless you’re also ESTP). She’s completely honest with you and exciting to talk to.

She’s also a huge risk taker, and will pull you into trying new things and making risky decisions that often pay off (don’t worry, she thinks them through first).

ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging): The Popular Friend

While lots of extroverted personality types could be “popular” in that they have a lot of friends or are sociable, this friend is the quintessential queen bee. She exudes confidence and expects only the best from herself and her circle. Some want to be friends with her while others want to be her.

ESFJ types get a bad rap in the media as being shallow, but really they’re just natural-born leaders. Your ESFJ friend isn’t really open to people who are different from her, but she’s great to confide in and can keep a secret if you’re loyal to her. She’ll initiate social gatherings and parties, and she’ll invite everyone.

ESFP (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving): The Attention Seeker

ESFP friends envy the natural attention that ESFJs receive, but they’re shameless when it comes to earning it. Known as entertainers, ESFPs love singing and dancing and being spontaneous in public. Your ESFP friend likely has aspirations of becoming famous by any means necessary.

She’ll do crazy things in public for even a few looks from passersby, which makes her a pretty amusing friend to be around. She’s not the best listener, but it’s not because she’s self-centered. She would just rather be doing things than talking about things.

While it might seem like she’s materialistic, she deeply values her friendships and won’t abandon you if she ever reaches fame and fortune.

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