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New Details About The Disappearance Of Mollie Tibbetts — Including The Man Police Are Searching For Who Reportedly Assaulted Another Jogger

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What Happened To Mollie Tibbetts? New Details Updates Missing Iowa College Student Suspects

It's been almost two weeks since anyone has seen or heard from 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts. 

The college student from central Iowa was reportedly last seen running on July 18. She was dog-sitting for her boyfriend, who told police his last communication with her was a Snapchat photo from her that same day. 

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While it was originally believed that she disappeared on her run, a family member of hers reportedly showed a news station evidence that she was doing homework on her computer late into the evening the day she disappeared. 

Her father said that when he visited the house Tibbetts was staying on July 19, the dogs were in "perfect condition." He had talked to his daughter for three hours the day she went missing. 

In an investigation by police on Tuesday, special agents said they weren't releasing many case facts and that they were going "hold those things pretty close to the vest." 

However, they did say that the man being sought out for taking photos of women jogging turned himself in. The area he was seen taking pictures is about an hour away from where Tibbetts was last seen. 

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When questioning the man, police said he did reveal why he was taking the photos, but said they couldn't disclose their information. At this point, he's not being charged with any crimes. 

Police in Dubuque — where Tibbetts' boyfriend was out of town working during the time of her disappearance — said they're looking for an unidentified man who reportedly assaulted a jogger. 

According to police, a jogger said she was running near the city's fire station on Sunday night when a man approached her and offered her flowers. He then tried to grab her. 

"We are looking for anyone who may have seen the interaction, saw the suspect, or anything else that may help us," said Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Jensen. "We have no indicators, at least at this point, linking this to Mollie Tibbetts' disappearance."

Over the weekend, police searched a pig farm near her hometown but found no sign of her. Her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, has been ruled out as a suspect. 

"This is not like her," Jack said last week. "If this is her running off, nobody would've seen it coming. Nobody in the world. Not her family, not me -- nobody would've ever guessed that she just take off and not tell anybody."

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