5 New Details About Blac Chyna's Relationship With Her Mom Tokyo Toni, Including The Disturbing Video Of Toni Verbally Attacking Chyna

Blac Chyna is Tokyo Toni's only daughter.

Who Is Blac Chyna's Mom? 5 New Details About The Tokyo Toni Rant Video And Their Relationship instagram / facebook

Blac Chyna’s mom’s disturbing video rant against her daughter has put their relationship front and center.

For better or worse, celebrity relationships are prime gossip real estate. As a reality star, former stripper, and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna’s relationships aren’t any different. From her engagements to Tyga and Rob Kardashian to her recent fling with young rapper YBN Almighty Jay, news about Chyna’s relationships have mainly focused on her love life.


However, thanks to her mom Tokyo Toni’s rant video, Chyna’s strained relationship with her mom is in the spotlight.

Blac Chyna is Tokyo Toni’s (whose real name is Shalana Hunter) only daughter. According to her Facebook page, Toni got pregnant with Chyna at the age of 16. In a photo upload from February 2017, she called Chyna and her two kids her “entire world.”


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Unfortunately, by the looks of things, the two aren’t very close anymore. Here’s what we know about their relationship and why they’re feuding.

1. Tokyo Toni claims she hasn’t seen Blac Chyna’s kids in two years.

The breakdown in Toni and Chyna’s relationship seems to have started back in 2016 when Toni claims Chyna started keeping Dream and King Cairo away from her. In May 2018, Toni uploaded a multi-video, profanity-laced rant slamming Chyna and asking for an apology. “Two years in a row, I’m going on my second year of not seeing my grands,” Toni said. “I’m disgusted with you as a mother… You are despicable as a child and I am very embarrassed and ashamed of you,” she continued.

Toni also claimed that fame had gotten to Chyna’s head, and warned her daughter to stay away from fake people. “My kid is gone and I’m going to accept that,” she said, while also claiming that if anyone were to hurt Chyna, Toni would go “to jail for life.”


2. Toni reached out to Amber Rose for help.

According to Us Weekly, in July 2018 Toni reached out to Chyna’s friend Amber Rose on Instagram, asking for help getting in touch with Chyna. “You are the only person that I know that knows my daughter who does not fear her. Can you do me a favor if it’s anywhere deep in your heart can you please tell her I said let me see those kids!” Toni wrote to Rose. “I have not seen these kids and she’s punishing me for nothing-!”

Us Weekly reports that Rose has not responded directly to Toni.

3. Tokyo Toni’s rant video has gone viral.

In July 2018, The Shade Room uploaded a video of Toni attacking Chyna. “The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past quite a few years, I’ve tolerated it because I’m your mama, you the only child. But you better keep in mind I’m a bad [sic],” Toni says in the video before taking it to the next level, calling Chyna a “mistake” and a “statutory rape baby.”


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4. Toni doesn’t get along with the Kardashians.

While Chyna was with Kardashian, Toni told the Daily Mail in 2016 that he was a “bad influence” on Chyna. “I’m not happy about it because I don’t know the guy,” Toni said at the time. The two did eventually meet, and apparently it didn’t go all that way. The Daily Mail reported in November 2016 that Kardashian called Toni a “loose cannon” on he and Chyna’s baby special. Toni subsequently went off on Kardashian in an Instagram post, writing, “A Lose Canon? Since I am the topic of y’all conversation to be demonized!!”

According to Radar Online, Toni has also gotten into it with Kris Kardashian in the past. A source told Radar that Kris was “nasty” to Toni in the hospital when Dream was born. “Not only did Kris tell the crew to film Tokyo as little as possible, she also suggested that Tokyo Toni get her hair and make-up redone because it was not up to par with television standards!” the source said.


5. Toni's husband had a restraining order out against her.

In 2016, Radar reported that Toni’s husband filed a restraining order against her in 2013. “Shalana is violent when angry. She often tries to start a physical altercation. I have hundreds of texts [threatening] bodily harm, threats to come to my job and get me fired,” her husband said at the time. “Threats to ‘crack my head open’ if I return to my home. Threats to leave me in a landfill. I want the threats to stop. I want her out of my home…She has already cut up my clothes!” According to Radar, the restraining order expired in 2014 and the two are still married.

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