Who's The Next James Bond? New Details On Frontrunner Sam Heughan

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who's the next James Bond?

Since the 1960s, we’ve seen a variety of actors grace the big screen as James Bond. With Sean Connery originating the role from 1962-1971, it probably seemed that no other actor could compare. But with Roger Moore taking over from 1973-1985, Timothy Dalton from 1987-1989, Pierce Brosnan from 1995-2002 and Daniel Craig from 2006-present, it may be time for a new man to star in the role.

While Daniel Craig is slated to star in a new James Bond film in 2019, rumors have quickly been circulating this might be his last film as the British spy. So, who’s the next James Bond going to be?

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Outlander star Sam Heughan may be in the running to be the next Bond! But the rumos hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet.

While promoting his latest film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, which sounds oddly like the name of a James Bond film (heck, or even an Austin Powers movie), Heughan was asked: “Are you really in the running for James Bond? Please say yes.”

His response? “Well, if you would like me to, of course I will. I feel like I’ve got the tuxedo and I’ve got the car from this movie so I could just take them with me. So, really, actually they don’t need to pay me that much because I can bring everything with me.”


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Producers would certainly love a gigantic pay cut, but that doesn’t quite answer the question of who the next James Bond will be, especially since it’s clear that nobody has yet asked Heughan to play the role. Unless, of course, he’s just being coy and there have already been talks.

But other actors have also been rumored to play James Bond, including Chris Hemsworth.

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Back in February, Hemsworth told Sunrise, an Australian show, that he was interested. “Yeah, I mean, I think any actor would jump at that opportunity. I’m certainly a fan,” he told the host. However, he also commented on how big of an obstacle it may be to get into the role, saying, “A lot of pressure comes with that though. The Bond fan base is probably more critical than the comic book fan base... I feel like it’s an English world. There’s plenty of guys who would do a better job than I would — plenty of men, English men or women.”

Okay, so there’s the hunky actor who plays Thor, but other names have also been mentioned, one of which was Harry Styles. Yes, really!


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Lee Smith, the editor of Spectre, a 2015 Bond movie, said he could see Styles in the role: “Harry could do it. If they wanted a younger Bond then why not? He has got it. Harry is really good and he can go all the way. He is an exceptional talent and a complete natural on camera.”

Who’s the next James Bond? Could Sam Heughan land the role, would Chris Hemsworth ooze his sex appeal, or can Harry Styles really blow us all away with his understatted, metro performance? Since Daniel Craig’s last movie as bond won’t premiere until November of 2019 (which is also the 25th film of the franchise!), we’ll just have to wait and see.

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