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What The Lion's Gate Portal And The Sacred Dance Between Venus And Mars Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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Lion's Gate Portal

On August 8th, we will experience the magical peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal and the sacred dance of Venus and Mars in the sky. When we see Venus trine Mars — with Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius — these energies will be magnified.

This is because of the final solar eclipse just days after this event where we will truly have not just a transformational affect for the duration of this month, but for the remaining of the year as well. That's good news for your zodiac sign, as transits like these will greatly impact your horoscope.

In astrology, each year, our sun, the earth, and star Sirius align with the pyramids of Giza to open up a special window of intense energy that changes how we look at ourselves and the world. Being that this is an "11" year in astrology, the focus for many has been around soul-rich relationships and working on soul contracts that we came to earth to fulfill.

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A soul contract is an agreement that we made prior to being born, and is about what we wanted to learn and experience in this lifetime. For those who are on an intense soul romantic relationship, such as twin flames, made an agreement with this person regarding learning about unconditional love, forgiveness, patience and acceptance. This will all take place through our experiences in this lifetime with that particular person and ultimately, these lessons are learned.

While this portal opened on July 26th and lasts until August 11th (another auspicious day), the peak is on the 8th, which is the symbol for abundance and eternity.

Think of the infinity symbol sideways. While it seems that so much is happening at once, we have one more factor to include which is that August is an 11-11 month. With 2018 being an "11" year, August being a "1" vibration and the eclipse occurring on the 11th, there is a powerful manifestation of new beginnings through the numerology of 11-1-11.

11-11 is a sign of awakening and ascension, but it also correlates closely to twin flames and soul relationships because of the individual nature of the numbers coming together. In numerology, there are only two master numbers — 11 and 22 — neither which can be reduced to any other numbers.

The result of this significant numerology is that this year’s Lion Gate Portal will deal heavily with romantic relationships and those we share a sacred marriage with. When we use the term sacred marriage, it speaks of the connection between souls that defy anything that happens here in this life.

We can divorce people we marry on earth, but we can’t ever sever our connection with someone whom we hold a scared marriage with. It’s timeless. Something that we continually encounter in each life that challenges and pushes us further into our growth.

While some Portals can signify endings, this year with the strong connection to the numerology of "1s" it will instead deal with new beginnings. However, we have to go into this energetic window open-minded because relationships that have an intense soul connection rarely use traditional timelines, so it’s possible that we may end up marrying someone just days before we thought it was over with.

These are the energies we’re all feeling right now. There is a sense that something is coming, although we might not be able to specifically say what. We also know that things need to change. We’re not currently satisfied by the status quo and feel restless that we can’t just snap our fingers and start on the path that we want.

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An interesting comparison is to The Wizard of Oz. In the movie, Dorothy finds herself in a new and strange place and sets out to find the wizard to help her return home, but the most meaningful parts of her journey occurred along the way and this sentiment is true for us as well.

While we may feel frustration that our path isn’t as clear cut as we would like it to be, it doesn’t mean that the pit-stops along the way aren’t as important as the overall destination.

During Lion's Gate Portal, we will feel a rise in our consciousness and awareness about life. While it can manifest as anxiety, overthinking and even sleeplessness, once the peak energy passes and the portal closes, we will feel different than we did before.

It’s a time where we’re being asked to wake up to life and to our inner selves, our higher selves. In this idea ,our higher selves vibrate at a different frequency; it’s also the part of us that is in tune with who we really are and doesn’t let the opinions or drama of others distract us from our divine purpose.

Occurring at the same time as the portal is the cosmic lovers Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius, with Venus trine Mars. These two are the ultimate symbols for the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and once again, another connection to the energy of twin flames. These two will trine in the sky as the portal peaks, encouraging us to find balance within our romantic relationship by letting go of what society or even our families has told us to do.

It’s a time when we will be embodied by the Lion’s Gate Portal and Venus trine Mars to get in touch with who we really are at our core, and feel courage and letting go of the rules of society. Venus in Libra is all about balance within our romantic relationships and Mars in Aquarius is about breaking free from conformity to live with authenticity which is the energy the Portal will be exuding.

This is truly a time unlike any other that we have experienced, and while perhaps at this very moment in time we’re unsure of what it exactly means or if we will have the courage to move forward in our lives, the bottom line is that whatever changes occur around this time are divinely supported by the universe.

Too often we box ourselves into thinking that this is as good as it gets and we stay in relationships that are only mediocre or reasonably satisfying because they are comfortable. But the truth is, life can be so much better than we can even imagine... if we just let it. 

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