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Where Is Mohamed From 90-Day Fiancé Now? New Details On What He's Up To — And If He Has A Relationship With Danielle

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Where is Mohamed from 90 Day Fiancé now? Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé will tell you, hands down, the couple everyone loved to hate was Danielle and Mohamed. The Sandusky, Ohio mom married the much younger Tunisian national in 2014. Once they said their "I do", things quickly went sour for the couple and they eventually divorced. 

In the most recent season of 90 Day Fiancé: What Now, audiences got an update on Danielle. Still in Ohio, she's going to school and trying to move on from her failed marriage and find a new relationship. Her only contact with her ex-husband is to serve him with legal papers in a suit to recover money he owes her

But TLC cameras didn't catch us up with Mohamed. So where is Danielle's ex now? Read on to find out.

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1. Match made for reality TV

When audiences first met Danielle and Mohamed, they were engaged after meeting online. He arrived in the US and was in for some surprises about Danielle. She hadn't been completely honest about her finances. The situation was serious enough that he visited a lawyer to find out whether he would be responsible for Danielle's debts after they got married.

He agreed to go forward with the wedding but surprised guests when he refused to kiss Danielle at the altar. He explained that during the holy month of Ramadan, contact between men and women was prohibited. Audiences would later find out that he had withheld sex from Danielle regularly after they got married. He claimed that she had medical issues that made him not want to sleep with her.

2. His cheating heart

After they got married, Mohamed got his green card and found a job. He also found various women online and struck up friendships and flirtations with them. He even allegedly traveled to meet some of them. Danielle found out about his dalliances and confronted him, to which he said she was ove reacting and she should stay off the internet if she wanted to save their marriage.

At that point, Danielle, started digging deeper to see what was really going on telling InTouch, ""I would even message the women to see what was going on," Danielle revealed. "One of the incidents with Mohamed, I had found a receipt and I had found the ladies’ name and I had reached out to her. At first, she blocked me and then, a couple days later she ended up unblocking me and saying, 'Look, if I was married to this person, I would want to know the truth.' And then that’s when she came out and told me, yeah she’s been sending [him] money and she was trying to get him to come to Canada to go into business with him and stuff like that."

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3. Boy bye

Mohamed eventually moved out of Danielle's house and moved in with a coworker. She was in the process of trying to figure out how to end the marriage when he took up with a woman he met online and decided to leave town. As usual, he tried to say it was Danielle's fault that he was leaving Sandusky and moving to Miami without telling Danielle, to whom he was still married.

4. Blow up

Once Mohamed moved to Florida, Danielle set the wheels in motion to end the marriage once and for all. She was trying to decide if she should simply divorce him or file for an annulment. She went to Florida to talk to Mohamed about it and the two of them wound up in a screaming matching in the street one night where she threatened to have him deported.

Later, Danielle told InTouch that a fan who had been communicating with both her and Mohamed wa already there saying, "The Miami scene, when I first walked into the apartment, the stalker fan who I thought I was friends with was inside the apartment and I was not talking with her in there. So that’s how we ended up out in the street cause she was in there and she wouldn't leave and I wasn’t going to talk with her there because it wasn’t her business."

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5. Divorce

Danielle considered filing for an annulment instead of a straight divorce. By claiming Mohamed married her under false pretenses, she could have had the marriage legally erased and forced Mohamed to surrender his green card and go back to Tunisia. There was no guarantee a court would grant her an annulment, however, so she got a divorce from him. Even that wasn’t drama-free, with the couple’s last interaction being a fight about Mohamed posting the news on social media before Danielle told her family.

6. Aftermath

Mohamed left Ohio for good after the divorce and headed back down south. He eventually left Florida and relocated to Austin, TX. He appears to be an Uber driver and posts to social media about fitness and weight loss. On a recent Instagram post, he told fans that he’s happy and single.

Whatever lies ahead for Mohamed, he won't be talking to Danielle again, and they're probably both better off that way.

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