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The 3 Most Seductive Zodiac Signs In All Of Astrology

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Why The Water Signs Are The Most Seductive Zodiac Signs In Astrology

People never assume that Water Signs are a force to be reckoned with. Tread with care around these women of astrology.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

She is usually doe-eyed and charming. A bit shy to those that do not know her, but filled with mystery that can rival a Scorpio. Not as refined as her other two sisters, she occasionally comes off as the childish or naïve one; the one who continues to cling onto hopes and dreams even as she approaches middle age. Pisces is the eternal child, she believes she will have that fairy tale ending, which is why she also allows others to get away with many things.

The mature Pisces will continue to wear her mask, but this time no one will see her eyes; those are the ones that will give her away, especially when she lies. She will opt for sunglasses to better confuse you; or she might simply turn away when she speaks. We will only see her nose and her mouth. The lips of the Pisces can be filled with beautiful half-truths or deadly lies, so beware of her tongue.

Sometimes if she feels threatened, she will play the games of deception, to see how far she can go. Always look at her eyes, she will always look away, especially if you maintain a good focus on her. After all, the Pisces cannot handle judgment and looking into her eyes is like opening the door to her soul.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

While Pisces is filled with a nebulous cloud of deception, the Cancer is the truth (assuming she has little Aquarius in her charts). What you see is generally what you get. She will pour her heart out to those she confides in, and she will tell you the unwanted truths you would like to hear. This is the perfect friend; always looking out for your best interest.

She is a mother, she is a fighter and she is not to be used or disrespected. A Cancer that has been hurt is like a vengeful storm. She is unstoppable, emitting lightning and chaos; clouds of thunder that go on for days. The tempest only gets stronger when she is reminded of what she has gone through and she will not stop until she sees her enemies destroyed.

However, this does not mean she will be happy for her victory. She will cry and hurt even harder in the aftermath. The Cancer has powerful emotions, and this haunts her. All she wants to do is love and be loved; to nurture and help. If her trust has been broken, she will be too.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Otherworldly and the embodiment of seduction. Their voices somehow hypnotize us and we are wooed and brought into their control. The Scorpio does not trust or like anyone. They will always be on guard because they understand the darkness of humanity.

This is the sign that governs the taboo and the darker sides we rarely decide to jump into. Falling for a Scorpio is battling with the unknown and the unseen. There will be tests placed before you during your journey. She will always be several steps ahead of you, testing to see whether you are like all of the other unworthy mortals. When she has been deceived or if you have failed her tests, she will dispose of you with an ease that will leave you broken for years to come.

Scorpio is the mystery, the darkness, and punishment. To feel the wrath of a Scorpio, is to undergo emotional torture. A Scorpio Sun with a Scorpio Mars will go through hell and beyond to see enemies crushed, so be wary. They will make sure to bring about the chaos to you and will relish in their victory. A mature Scorpio will try to forgive and take the high road, but she will still want to witness the destruction of her enemies.

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