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The 17 Best Friday The 13th Memes And Tweets To Share On Social Media

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The 17 Best Friday The 13th Memes And Tweets To Share On Social Media

Friday the 13th is here, and we hoped you're prepared for all the potential unluckiness that might be headed your way. 

Since we were kids, we've all heard the stories. We avoided walking under ladders and past black cats and made sure to never, ever break a mirror. I mean, seven years is way too long of a time to possess the curse of bad luck. 

No matter how superstitious you may or may not be, there's no denying that this day is eerie. 

There are tons of superstitions that have grown out of fear of this day and its haunting number — which is referred to as triskaidekaphobia, by the way —  that are not as commonly known as the ones mentioned above. 

For instance, if 13 people are seated at the same table, it's believed that one of them will die in the next year. 

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In the not-super-helpful department, there have been a bunch of very creepy things that have happened on Friday the 13th; seemingly validated the inevitable unluckiness. 

William Peter Blatty, who wrote the Exorcist, died on Friday the 13th, followed by the Catholic priest who inspired the horror story. Tupac Shakur was also murdered on this day. 

The Costa Concordia sank on Friday the 13th, killing 32 people, and during the World War II the Buckingham Palace was bombed on Friday the 13th. 

So is there any way to avoid all this bad luck? While some people suggest keeping your fingers crossed, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk and even wearing your clothes inside out, the best medicine for this superstitious day is probably just a good laugh.

And in order to help you do that, we've gathered up the best Friday the 13th memes and tweets to make this day a little less scary. 

1. Oh yikes. 

As if we could handle either by themselves. 

2. He sounds like a catch. 

Honestly someone needs to do a wellness check on Marietta. 

3. This isn't terrible advice. 

Have we learned ANYTHING from horror movies? 

4. Never forget. 

I feel a little stitious. 

5. Sorry, Britain. 

Maybe Friday the 13th won't be so bad for us over here in America. 

6. Same

I have a feeling we have different ways we like to party. 

7. Too real. 

*laughs then cries*

8. Chandler gets it. 

This is gonna be my vibe all day.

9. Oh 100%

At least it's the weeked right? 

10. This is true. 

Just another day in the life. 

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11. Honestly, they're terrifying. 

We've survived a bunch of Friday the 13ths. We can survive this one. 

12. Perfect day to celebrate "Bad Luck Brian."


13. It was a confusing moment. 

Poor Jason. 

14. Wouldn't that be nice. 

One can dream. 

15. Did you know? 

Somehow I don't think this will be as popular. 

16. Don't want to go down that rabbit hole. 

I don't want to be aware of how much bad luck I have. 

17. And always remember: 

Happy Friday the 13th!

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