Are Colton Underwood And Tia Booth Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Romance

Were they just a fling — or something more?

are Colton Underwood and Tia Booth dating instagram

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

If you watch The Bachelorette, you know that things can change in an instant. And contestant Colton Underwood really threw us for a loop when he admitted to Becca Kufrin that he used to date her former Bachelor competition and good friend, Tia Booth. 

He came clean to Becca, saying, “Prior to coming onto this in January, I had a relationship with Tia and I wanted to make sure to explain sort of that we had a weekend together but for me the timing wasn’t right to grow what was a spark into a flame. If my feelings were strong enough I wouldn’t have come on this.”


Becca admitted his relationship with Tia made her “feel a little bit sick,” but in talking to Tia, she revealed she was over her fling with Colton. But are Colton Underwood and Tia Booth dating again for real?

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​Back in April, Tia’s friend Raven Gates and her boyfriend Adam Gottschalk revealed on a podcast that Tia was talking to a future cast member, which we can assume was Colton. Because, obviously, right?

But there are other clues that aren’t so obvious like his presence on social media. During Arie’s season of The Bachelor, Colton live-tweeted during the broadcast, talking highly about Tia, praising her for “keeping it real,” and using heart-eyes emojis.

But even though he seems to have nothing but adoration for Tia, it seems like reality television is of higher importance. Because when he dated Tia in January, he was quick to ditch her and apply for The Bachelorette. According to Reality Steve, “Weekend in January with Tia, then after Tia he just decides to apply for the show? Oh no, not shady at all.”


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It looks like we’re going to have to wait for the remainder of the season to find out if Colton and Tia are actually dating but there has been such an influx of spoilers that maybe we won’t have to wait too long. Once again, Reality Steve is at our service, revealing a likely possibility:

Apparently, Tia returns before the Final 4 rose ceremony to confess her feelings for Colton and then he's eliminated.


Tough break. But that’s not the end of it because the two are going to be on Bachelor in Paradise after the season is over, implying that they were both single after Becca’s season ended. Does this mean they want to give each other another chance and do this thing for real?

Well, thanks to the master of spoilers, pictures surfaced of the two going on dates and getting real cozy with one another in Paradise.

Will the two end up together? Will he propose at the end of Bachelor in Paradise? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, we can watch/cringe when things come to a head on The Bachelorette.


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