New Details Revealed About The Dad Who Stalked And Killed His Two Children And How They Lived In Fear Of Him Up Until Their Deaths

John Edwards left behind a secret family and letters to be opened after his death.

New Details Revealed About The Dad Who Stalked And Killed His Two Children And How They Lived In Fear Of Him Up Until Their Deaths getty

An Australian man shot and killed his two teenage children and then himself Thursday in a premeditated murder-suicide.

A city-wide manhunt for John Edwards, 68, ensued when his kids, Jack, 15, and Jennifer, 13, were found dead in their Sydney home they lived in with their mother, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Edwards' body was found Friday morning at his Normanhurst house with a self-inflicted and fatal gunshot wound. 


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"The information we've gleaned … leads me to believe this was premeditated and planned," acting Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden said.

Daily Telegraph reported that Edwards hired a car to stalk his kids so they would not recognize him.

Edwards had written secret letters to his estranged wife and kids and left them behind "to be opened after his death," revealed.


The two "quite powerful" handguns that Edwards used to murder his children were located at his house and were legally registered in his name.

"The 68-year-old male was the holder of a number of firearms," McFadden said. "The two handguns [used] were registered in his name [and] came into his possession lawfully this year."

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According to authorities, Edwards had a turbulent relationship with his children and their mother, Olga. He was involved in multiple battles over the custody of Jack and Jennifer and "an extensive review was being conducted into the nature of the relationship" of Edwards and Olga, McFadden told The Sydney Morning Herald. He was denied access to Jack and Jennifer, who lived with Olga full-time, once the two-year legal battle concluded.


Olga was in "severe shock" when she arrived home Thursday evening to find her house swarming with police who told her of her children's deaths.

Edwards also lived a secret life. He left behind two other children from a former marriage.

The children, who live just down the road from Edwards, are around the same age as Olga. Ever since he had a relationship with his second wife, Edwards had nothing to do with his first family.


A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise money so that Olga's mother can fly to Sydney to be there for her in this time of tragedy.

"It's a terrible, terrible tragedy," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said. "Our hearts go out to the mother and to all of the family, and we mourn the loss of those young people. And just pray that those who have been so, so hurt in this — by this shocking crime, can find comfort in prayer and the consolation from friends and loved ones."

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