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Why Men Flirt Differently Than Women, By His & Her Zodiac Signs

How Gender Affects Flirting Styles Among Similar Zodiac Sign Personality Types

Men and woman flirt, its human nature. When we want to get a potential partners attention we do it through flirting. Flirting can be a range of physical actions like winking, leaning in, fluttering your eyes and so forth.

When it comes to a man and woman's zodiac sign, their flirting tendencies are based on the characteristic of their horoscope. For the zodiac signs of Cancer and Aries, their horoscope projects their flirting to be more aggressive in nature and not willing to be a wallflower.

Whereas the zodiac signs of Virgo and Scorpio are gentle and more practical in their approach to dating.

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For men flirting is usually physical. so it could be puffing out his just, just getting close to you or being very active around you. If a guy actively pursues you with this kind of flirting that means he is really into and probably wants to date.

While a guys flirting is more overt.  Women an the other hand flirt so it is not so obvious. flirting from a female's perspective, maybe touching, laughing at jokes that are not funny and usually wearing nice clothes to be noticed in.

Flirting between men and women includes:

  • Lock eyes for several seconds and look away
  • Smile and act happy
  • Show off your neck (for the ladies
  • wear red lipstick (for the ladies)

Although these signs are clear indicators that someone is into you, sometimes flirting can take a turn for the worse if it is not returned back. Flirting in some cases, like unwanted attention and being very physical can cause conflict if the other person isn't impressed.

Everybody is entitled to respond in their own way, but if the recipient is not happy with your flirting it is best to back off. Another tip of advice that Phycology Today presents is that flirting should be done less overtly and more like an undercover mission.

Strike up a conversation, but don't seem desperate for attention. Complement somebodies outfit but don't overdo it to the point where they know you are on to them. The secretive the better and it will benefit you in the end. 

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If you're not good at flirting its ok, nobody is an expert at first and it takes time. most people are afraid to approach somebody that they like because they are afraid that they will be rejected and hurt. that is a reasonable fear. If you try and don't succeed its ok, because there's a person out there for everybody. 

Here are the differences between flirting styles among men and women that share the same zodiac sign, and how gender changes that style, according to astrology.

1. ARIES (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

Gentleman, you are confident and know how to flirt, you come out and you do your thing. You know how to make conversation and feel confident that you will get her number. Remember don't let your confidence be ruled as arrogance. Ease up a little and let your crush do some of the talking. Aries woman are go-getters they flirt with confidence making their move when they know they see someone they like. The like to make their date laugh and keep them talking for hours. Beware that you pursuing a man might seem unusual so don't come on too strong, take it slow, but don't lose their interest. (if he's interested, point for you, you're confident and sassy)

2. TAURUS (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

Taurus's are patient and reliable. Men who have the zodiac sign of a Taurus will probably wait for their crush where they wait for the elevator or their usual seat at lunch. You know what your crush does and doesn't like because you strike up a conversation with them every so often. Meeting your crush where they congregate is smart because now they feel even more confident to talk to you. Ladies that have a zodiac sign of Taurus let their crushes come to them. Making sure that they seem like they are not interested, but are very interested in their crushes company. You might come off as not wanting to be bothered so you have to make an effort too. (Playing hard to get might work)

3. GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)

Gemini men flirt by being able to adapt to their crushes personality and routine, by being adaptable Geminis can be more relatable to their crush and potentially move further with their relationship. Gemini woman are gentle and curious always wanting to try something new, a Gemini woman will flirt by inquiring about what their crush likes to do and maybe setting to go do their crushes activity. (Who knows maybe you will like the activity that your date likes?)


Cancer gents are persistent, they won't stop until they talk to the woman of their dreams. the result of your persistent can go either way. It can be positive or negative. Don't harass your crush if your crush isn't interested, but pat yourself on the back if your date finds you charming. the woman who are Cancers is hight tenacious and smart. they flirt by asking people who know the crush what they like and putting that information into to action. Evan though it's not a direct approach it will win you brownie points in the end. (Go get your crush)

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5. LEO (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)

Leos your flirting is original and cant be copied. Your unique, so be proud. Leo lads, you like to flirt by engaging in intelligent conversation and showing off your smart. Your crush will know that you are well rounded and knowledgeable about the world around you. Don't be too full of yourself or you will drive your crush away. Leo ladies you like to flirt by listening and not saying much. You know that listening to Every word that your crush is saying is vital is the processing of getting to know your crush and what your crush likes. 


Virgos are practical and not over the top and not trying to show off. Virgo men don't like to pretend to be someone that they are not. The flirt with the knowledge that if their crush doesn't see them for who they are than that's a loss that they are going to have to take and they are ok with that.  Virgo woman, on the other hand, are always paying attention to the smallest of details, when they are flirting with their crush they want to make sure that the truth is adding up and that their date isn't a fraud (Virgos could be detectives). With woman's intuition and smarts, Virgos women know when to move forward with a crush and when to back off.


Libras are social butterflies always willing to talk and make other people feel at home. Men and Woman that have Libra zodiac signs flirt in social situations. They want to show that they are adored by others and that you adore other people. Men and woman who have Libra are their zodiac sign may talk about the latest trends in pop culture and have you laughing for hours. They know how to draw people in. Social and outgoing the first date is right around the comer. (Look out for the first date)


Scorpios flirt with a mission. They want to be close to their date and they do it by being friends first. Men and Woman Scorpios want to get to know their date without it looking like they like them, so they will start out as friends first. Scorpios have the personality trait of a true friend, so why not start out as friends first and see if dating becomes a possibility.  Scorpios know that working through a friendship is the best way to get to know a person know there likes and dislikes. (Think of the movie Just Friends w/ Reyon Renolds)

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You have the gift of laughter. you know what they say, "Laughter is the best medicine". Men and Woman Sagittarius love to make their crush laugh. Laughing makes people interested in you and creates a stronger bond. Men and Woman who have this sign know that the power of laughter can make people stay in the conversation longer and make people more attractive. Don't think that being funny is not a great attribute, it is, don't be afraid to use it. (Think of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock)


You are an old soul, very traditional and not afraid to show it. Men and woman of this sign, love romance and love to have the rug pulled out for them or love that their crush is gazing into their eyes. They flirt by being romantic and makes their crushes gush and feel light headed. They have charm and are not afraid to use it. Being swept off your feet doesn't just happen in fairy tales people are actually nice and not selfish from time to time. Your crush is lucky to have a flirt like you.


Men and women of this sign are very imaginative. Always seeking new and creative ways to seek out the person they want to date. They are smooth and don't like it when their opportunity is missed to make a good impression in front of you. Your creative side is great, but it could come across as attention seeking and creepy. Don't spring stuff on your love interest. take it slow and things will happen in due time and it will natural. (Creative minds are the best)


Boys if you're a Pisces you are compassionate and love to help people. You might want to look for your potential date at a volunteer gig or at a charity event. Since your passionate about giving back, you can talk to your crush about what you have done so far in your career with giving back and maybe ask for her number (if she gives it to you, that's great). Ladies who are Pisces you are intuitive and smart. you know a faker when you see it. Ask questions before you get invested.