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Who Is Daniel Tosh's Wife? New Details On Carly Hallam

Who Is Daniel Tosh's Wife?

Who Is Daniel Tosh's Wife? Surprise! Comedian Daniel Tosh is no longer single; he's a married man. But this isn't new news — it's just new to the public. Turns out, Daniel Tosh has actually been married for over two years to Carly Hallam. 

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Taken aback? So were we. It's not usual that celebrities are able to keep secret marriages under wraps for this long. But Tosh was able to do it. Now we all wanna know every detail of this secret relationship. Especially all about Carly. 

So, who is Carly Hallam? Here are the details we know about her and their relationship. 

1. She's a writer. 

Daniel isn't the only comedian in the couple. Carly has been working on Tosh.0 as a writer since 2010. She also works on the hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well.

2. She's an actress.

Hallam has been acting for a good part of her life as well. She has appeared in a few skits on Tosh.0 and also the movie New Low. 

3. They got married in California.

 Hallam, 31 married Tosh, 43 in a secret ceremony in 2016. The ceremony was in Malibu and obviously was very small and not well known to the public.

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 4. People thought Tosh was gay.


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The internet blew up for a while with rumors the comedian was gay. Speculation started when Tosh started having a lot of sketches featuring himself with other men in compromising situations. Most likely the sketches were for laughs but that didn't stop people from making assumptions. in an interview with PaulDuane.com, Tosh came right out and said, "I am not gay."

5. Tosh hinted he was married before.

Tosh tweeted about how being married to a ballerina was "the best" in 2014. This was before he tied the knot with Hallam in 2016 so it was most likely just a joke. 

6. Hallam and Tosh will continue working together.

Tosh.0 has been on since 2009 and is renewed until 2020. So the not-so-newlyweds will likely be mixing business and pleasure for the next few years. The coupling seems to be working so far as the show continues to be a success, so proof's in the pudding. 

7. Neither has confirmed the marriage, though. 

Both Tosh and Hallam have not confirmed that the couple is actually married. Several outlets have reached out but Daniel Tosh's rep has yet to respond. 

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