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Who Is Bill Nye's Wife? New Details About How His Marriage To Blair Tindall Was Never Official

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Who Is Bill Nye's Ex—Wife? New Details About How His Marriage To Blair Tindall Was Never Official

Who is Bill Nye's wife? Bill Nye the Science Guy found out the hard way that marriage isn't exactly a science.

Nye, 62, married musician and motivational speaker Blair Tindall, 58, in 2006 but couldn't quite narrow marriage down to a science. Their marriage, which was officiated by the famous Pastor Rick Warren, lasted all of two months.

Bill Nye has kept in the public eye over the years through his outspoken opinions on controversial topics such as abortion and Tindall has kept her name known in her area of expertise: the music scene.

Tindall is a professional musician and author who has endured much criticism for her book, Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music. The world's complaints haven't stopped Tindall from doing what she loves.

So who is Bill Nye's ex-wife? Here's a few details:

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1, She was never legally married to Nye.

Nye spoke about his marriage to Tindall on the Early Show and shocked us all when he mentioned how was technically never married.

"We were never married. We got a letter from the State of California, with the great seal affixed, that we were never married," Nye told the Early Show's Hattie Kauffman,. "So shortly afterwards we both agreed it was not a good idea."

Say what?! 

2. Nye got a restraining order against her.

According to CBSTindall killed Nye's flowers by purposefully pouring weed killer on the garden behind their house.

"I became very angry, and could only think of destroying the rose garden, so he couldn't give another woman the roses which I had cared for," his ex-wife who isn't technically his ex-wife said.

Nye responded to the plant assault by filing a restraining order against Tindall, who claimed she never meant to hurt Nye.

"I meant to hurt his flowers only, not him," she said.

3. She wrote for The New York Times.

Tindall wrote covered the New York Philharmonic and music beat for The New York Times for 15 years, according to her LinkedIn profile. Before becoming a part of one of the most widely-known newspapers, Tindall wrote for other outlets, such as Contra Costa Times.

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4. She played the oboe professionally.

For 23 years Tindall played the oboe for New York Philharmonic, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and Orpheus Chamber Music in New York City.

5. She wrote a book that got her blacklisted.

Tindall penned Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music, which inspired the Amazon series, Mozart in the Jungle. 

She was blacklisted from the musical industry after her book was published but told Classical MPR that she never regretted writing it.

"It was a bumpy road for the last ten years, but I have absolutely no regrets," she said.

 6. She is working on a show about her life.

A promo for her show, "Where's Blair? Trekking the World Music Beat," was released in 2008. The promotional video featured Tindall in Bali as she takes a closer look into the music scene on the island.

Nothing else has been said about the travel series since, but Tindall's LinkedIn profile says she still is working on it.

"Today she's combining her training and experience to create a new travel television show, "Where's Blair? Trekking the World Music Beat," her bio reads.

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