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New Details About The Leaked Text Messages Between Chris Hardwick And Chloe Dykstra Where He Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him With A Guy He Works With

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Did Chloe Dykstra Cheat On Chris Hardwick? New Details Leaked Text Messages Chris Hardwick Accuses Chloe Dykstra Cheating Man Named Sam

Last week, Chloe Dykstra accused her ex-boyfriend Chris Hardwick of emotional and sexual abuse. 

In an explosive essay, she claimed she was forced to have sex with a man 20 years her senior who also forced her to follow strict rules. While she didn't name him outright, many people were quick to speculate that the man she was referring to was Hardwick, who she dated from 2012 to 2014. 

Hardwick denied the sexual abuse allegations and said their relationship ended only because she cheated. 

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That claim is seemingly backed up by a long text exchange between the former couple back in 2014 that was recently leaked by TMZ. 

"Some things have recently come to my attention and I believe I have a much more accurate picture about everything that's been going on particularly with you and Sam," Hardwick wrote.

Hardwick goes on to accuse Dykstra of cheating on him with a man he works with and that even though she claimed she wanted a break from their relationships to focus on herself, she still continued to see "Sam." 

He also says that what Dykstra and "Sam" did was the "worst thing anyone has ever done" to him. And in so many words — well, a lot of words — he says this will be the last time he ever speaks to her. 

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Dykstra replied saying "please don't" and asked him for a few minutes of his time to talk. When he doesn't reply, she says, "I will always love you." and "I'm sure I'll always regret this." 

Seven months later, Dykstra texts him again and asks when they'll be okay. 

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have texted you," she writes. "I think I just got caught up in a wave. I hope things are awesome with you."  

In her original essay, Dykstra admits to having become involved with another man.

She said she and man — presumably Sam — kissed, and when she told Hardwick about it he "turned a total 180" and begged her not to leave him

"He begged me not to leave him, even told me he was planning to propose; despite stating previously he had no intention to marry me. I knew this all stemmed from his fear of being alone (He actually got engaged very shortly after I left him) so luckily I remained strong in my resolve to leave him, despite my only desire for three years being that he loved me the way I loved him," she wrote. 

After the breakup, Dykstra claims Hardwick got her fired and blacklisted her from future work, thus steamrolling her career. 

Neither Dykstra or Hardwick have responded to the leaked texts. It's also still unclear who "Sam" is. 

An earlier published version of the story contained false and unverified information from Twitter. The purported quotes from Mr. Hardwick’s book were inaccurate and should not have been attributed to him.

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