6 Things To Know About Jimmy Wopo — The Second Rapper To Be Murdered In Two Days

Wopo had big dreams to make an impact.

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Yesterday, two up-and-coming rappers were tragically killed, just hours apart from one another.

First, news broke that 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion, born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was gunned down in Florida in an apparent drive-by shooting and robbery. According to TMZ, dispatchers described the suspects as two black men wearing hoodies that drove a black Dodge Journey. They later reported that a Louis Vuitton bag was missing from XXXTentacion’s vehicle, and that police are offering a reward for tips leading to the suspects’ arrests.


Just hours later, Jimmy Wopo was reported to have been involved in a drive-by shooting in Pittsburgh. The 21-year-old rapper, born Travon Smart, was one of two victims in this shooting. Both victims were rushed to a local hospital, where Wopo succumbed to his injuries and the other victim was reported to be in stable condition.

Though XXXTentacion’s murder is believed to be a robbery, the motive for Wopo’s shooting is currently unknown. Still, there’s no question that Wopo, along with XXXTentacion, was taken far too soon, just as his career was taking off.


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Here are some of the most important facts to know about Jimmy Wopo’s life, career and death:

1. He was shot six times in previous incidents.

In a February 2017 interview with Jay Connor of People of Pittsburgh, Wopo described previous shootings he had been involved in, including one as early as ninth grade that ultimately caused him to drop out of high school.


Wopo stated in the interview that he “got shot [on] two different occasions” and was shot “three times each time.”

2. He grew up around violence and chaos. 

Wopo also opened up to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Julian Routh about how growing up surrounded by violence and chaos influenced him.


“It kinda helped me see like, that life could be over that quick,” Wopo stated. “I could’ve been just another little story.”

The interview ended with a chilling reflection on what Wopo wanted his legacy to be: “How do I really wanna leave my mark on this world? Do I wanna leave it like that? Not like that.”

3. His video for "Elm Street" reached over six million views. 

One of Wopo’s most successful hits was “Elm Street.” The song’s music video, released in 2016, has reached over 6.5 million views on YouTube. The video features Wopo walking through his home and down the neighborhood streets as he raps about growing up on “Elm Street” as a child and teenager.


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4. He had strong connections to his hometown. 

Last April, Wopo told The Fader about the sense of responsibility he feels to represent Pittsburgh.

“I feel like I really got the city on my back right now. Now when I do s**t, post s**t, say s**t, I think, ‘I’m representing my city now, I can’t be selfish.’"


Wopo, who began rapping at age 7, hoped to follow in the footsteps of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, two fellow rappers who emerged from Pittsburgh and have achieved national stardom. Both Khalifa and Miller expressed their condolences upon hearing the news that Wopo had died.

5. He had a three-year-old daughter. 


A post shared by Jimmy Wopo (@woponese) on Apr 13, 2018 at 1:04pm PDT

Wopo opened up about his daughter Aubrey to Hot New Hip Hop last June.


“Her name is Aubrey, she just turned two. My first daughter. She be having fun and s**t, she a crybaby though, but she be having fun. I’m always happy when I see her. I always smile and laugh and clown. Nice little girl, feel me bro?”

6. He wanted to make a difference in the world of hip-hop. 

In a May 2017 interview with XXL, Wopo said he wanted to be “the next legend” and talked about his goals in the hip-hop industry.


“I want to be on and be in the industry for a long time […] If I do this, I’m doing it all the way and get into all the entertainment shit I can get into. Keep money coming in.”

He also discussed his desire to give back, something few people knew about him.

“Most people don’t know that I want to make a difference. When I get money, I’m going to give back. If I get a good amount, I’ll help [things] get better everywhere.”

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