Why Aries Men Prefer Female Friendships Over Their Male Ones, According To Astrology

He's one of the girls.

Why Aries Men Prefer Female Friendships Over Their Male Ones, According To Astrology pexels

There's definitely a stigma out there about whether or not men and women can have a strictly platonic relationship.

So many people think it's impossible for a man and a woman to be close friends without crossing certain a line. They feel like at some point the relationship will inevitably reach a romantic level.

Well, I'm here to tell you that this is definitely NOT true.



From a female perspective, it's easy to have very close guy friends without the friendship becoming something more. I have plenty of male friends who have, believe it or not, stayed as just friends. 

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Of course, there are always those scenarios where the relationship between a man and a woman does become romantic at a certain point, but this isn't always the case. However, it is clear that certain people have more friends of the opposite sex than others, and this is definitely not a coincidence. 


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Some men just have certain characteristics and traits that cause them to have better friendships with women over men. They understand women and get along with them, and they know that these friendships have certain benefits that male friendships don't typically have. 


Women are far more insightful, they give great advice, and they truly want to know what's going on in your personal life. Some men need this type of caring and supportive friendship, and this is why they prefer female friendships over male ones.

Some prefer a poker night with the guys, others want to hang with the girls. There's one zodiac sign in particular that possesses the traits that make it much easier for them to be friends with women, and that's you, Aries

Not sure why exactly? Well, there's definitely a few reasons when you look at it using astrology. Here's a list of each zodiac sign a man may have if he relates better with women, by horoscope date


Reason 1: It's a confidence boost.

Let's face the facts, Aries has quite the ego. He's a fire sign filled with confidence, rage, and determination. Naturally, he enjoys a confidence boost and what better boost than being surrounded by beautiful women? Aries isn't necessarily attracted to his female friends, but he certainly knows they make him look good, and that this probably makes other men jealous. 

Of course, Aries appreciates his female friends for their sparkling personalities, but it doesn't hurt that they're attractive too. 


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Reason 2: There's no competition.

Don't get me wrong, Aries loves some good competition, but he also loves to win. There's nothing more frustrating to Aries than having to compete for someone's attention. He can't stand when his friends call dibs on the cute girl at the bar. 


Being friends with women diminishes this problem altogether. Not only does he no longer have to compete with other men, but he has a pretty cool wing-woman to help him out in the process. 

Reason 3: Women help to bring him down to Earth. 

Again, Aries has a bit of an ego, we've established this. The best kind of friend for him is someone who can bring him back down to Earth when he gets a little too cocky, and females tend to be much better at this than males. Women are typically much more humble then men, and even if they are a little conceited, they do a better job at suppressing it.  


Female friends are really beneficial for Aries because they keep him grounded, and they aren't afraid to let him know when he's acting overly confident. 

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Reason 4: Honesty. 



This may be the most important factor of any friendship, especially for Aries. Aries isn't one to sugarcoat the truth, he tells it like it is and expects this treatment in return. Aries prefers female friends over male friends because he knows women value honesty. 

Men often tell you what they think you want to hear, women, on the other hand, give their thoughtful and truthful opinion. This is what Aries values most about his friendships with females, and this is why they get along so well.