5 Father's Day Gifts For The Female In Dad (Because Within Every Man, There's A Woman)

Society’s adherence to a strict gender binary is past.

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How do you come up with Father’s Day ideas at a time when the patriarchy is under assault? It’s a topsy-turvy decade for men. Positions are challenged, as glass ceilings get shattered. Behavior is scrutinized in #MeToo and #TimesUp. Society’s adherence to a strict gender binary is past.

The role of the father, which has always been filled with risks as well as rewards, is more complex than ever. How can we help Dad wade through this quagmire and find the best ideas for Father's Day?


At Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, we believe in the Jungian concepts of animus and anima: within every woman, there is a man, and within every man, there is a woman. “For every woman who burned a bra, there is a man burning to wear one.”


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We have proven this for more than 25 years with adults who have been raised as men who come from across the country and around the world in search of the woman they feel inside. The "herstories" of these students are proof of my authority.

As June 17th approaches, we offer these ideas for Father's Day to nourish the feminine within Dad’s nature. There are many Dads who would welcome a new kind of present. Others, who may have had no thoughts of crossing gender, could benefit from something they did not realize they were missing.


So as you contemplate Dad’s Father’s Day gift, say “bye, bye, binary” and think outside the box. Here are some options:

1. Get him meaningful jewelry.

Natalie, a dad, wears a heart.

A tie can be wonderfully colorful but its basic design is a noose and its purpose is usually to promote a certain type of behavior or performance. Give your Dad a piece of jewelry, a necklace that can be worn every day if he chooses, perhaps one with a symbol: St. Christopher medals and crosses offer protection.

A dog tag can be inscribed with a message, names, or the zodiac sign under which he was born. Why not a heart? A plain chain bracelet or ring works, too. Those who have been taught stoicism as men often identify loving familial bonds first as obligations. They are expected to be the protectors. These physical bonds are reminders that a family also offers protection. It’s comforting to know you belong. Your family has your back.


2. Print out your favorite picture with him.

Ginger, a dad, loves those selfies.

This digital age makes taking photos so easy but most photos never get printed. They remain locked in computers and clouds. We used a Polaroid camera to give the student the instant gratification of a feminine portrait when beginning the academy. They were mesmerized and so thrilled to see that the woman of their dreams could become a material girl.


A picture really is worth a thousand words. Give Dad a print of himself surrounded by those who love him. Take a selfie with Dad and get it printed. Put it in a frame as a constant reminder that he is loved. Of course, you can give him the digital version too, so he can use it as a screensaver.

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3. Ditch the power tools for flowers.


Chrissy Sue, a Dad, stops to smell the roses.

It’s been our tradition when a student arrives for a Femme Intensive weekend to send what we affectionately call “the sissy bouquet,” a pretty mix of pink blossoms and ribbons. This is always received with delight and appreciation by the students who tell me that in all their male lives while they have gifted women with flowers, they have received not a blossom.

The gift of flowers exists simply to excite the senses through sight and smell. Flowers help create an environment of relaxation and an appreciation of nature, the great mother, and in eco-sexual terms, the great lover. They are a way to say thank you for all those generous bouquets — and just as words are not needed when flowers are given to a women, flowers say you deserve something beautiful because you are a beautiful human being.

4. Help him moisturize.

A young boy can’t wait for that first whisker but men hate to shave. Our students are happy to remove hair from all other parts of their bodies to open up the sensual organ of skin. But when it comes to shaving their faces, it’s a chore.

Soothe Dad’s rough complexion with the gift of moisturizer. One of the oldest and still the best skin toners is Witch Hazel. It’s an ingredient in many of those more expensive lotions, and on it’s own, it’s a very economical purchase that still comes in a pretty bottle.


5. Treat him to a pedicure.

You might be thinking that with the idea of a pedicure we've gone too far, but this is why a pedicure is important. Dad’s feet work very hard for him. They’ve become calloused and can be downright sore. They carry lots of heat.

A reflexologist will tell you that the bottoms of the human feet connect to organs in the rest of the body. Nourishing the feet with rubbing, soaking, smoothing, and sloughing off dead skin benefits every organ. Dad will have a new spring in his step.

Why not take it a bit further and gift dad with a spa day? Add a manicure to that pedicure, steam, or massage. The skin is our most sensitive and sensuous organ. Dad will feel younger and more vital.

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Veronica Vera aka “Miss Vera” is the author of 3 books based on her world famous cross gender academy, Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, NYC. Veronica is a former adult media star, and a Doctor of Human Sexuality. Her media appearances are many, including “Late Night” and "The View". Follow her on TwitterFacebook, her websiteInstagram, and her blog.