10 Ways To Know That You're Over Your Ex — For Good

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over your ex after breakup ready for new relationship

Getting over your ex after a tough breakup can be hard, especially if you guys were together for a long period of time and live in the same area. Moving on and living in the same area can be difficult because you can bump in to your ex at any time.

And let's be honest, it can be awkward to face them.

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Being together with someone can have lasting memories that are difficult to let go of. Don't be like the characters from every other dating movie and stay inside all day long, overeat, and complain to your friends all day long to get over your ex. You need to get out there and live your life.

Your ex is only one chapter of your life, there will be plenty of more fish in the sea and plenty of more adventures to partake in. You have to do what's best for you, because you are the one who is going through this, not your friends or family, just you.

I remember when I was just getting over a break up with my ex. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, and I couldn't do anything.

The memories of what we did and the times we spent together ran through my mind constantly. What got me out of my funk was hanging out with friends and diving into my school work, as well as finding new hobbies to partake in. 

Some people are so in tune with themselves that they know they are over their ex. But if you just don't know, or you want to check if you are over your ex for sure, look at these 10 signs to know that you are truly over your ex... so you can move on with your life and realize you're finally ready for a new relationship (or heck, stay single. Because why not?)

1. You block that number for good.

Blocking your ex's number will give you a sense of piece and will ensure you don't contact your ex and your ex doesn't contact you. Phones are a major source of anxiety, blocking your ex's number will give you a sense of freedom and will power that will be beneficial towards you.

2. Your ex is out of mind and out of sight.

Not dwelling on the memories you and your ex had together can be healthy for you and will make transitioning into the next phase of your life easier. Accepting that your life is better without your ex is very therapeutic, therefore you can concentrate on bigger and better things.

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3.You don't participate in activities you did together.

Activities that you and your ex did together can trigger good or bad memories, so don't participate in activities that you guys have done together and find new activities that don't associate  with your ex . Learning new things is good for your mind, body and soul. Its good to try new things and branch out with other people. Who knows maybe you will find a new beau in one of your new activities.

4. You have moved on to a new beau.

Dating someone new is good start to moving on, once you get to that stage in your life, your ex will be a lingering thought. Only move on to a new person when you're ready, if you still have feelings for your ex, its not fair to the other person and you may have to reconsider what you want in life.

5.You are doing you and nobody else.

Focusing on yourself is a good sign that you are moving on, focusing on your life and how you can improve away from your ex is all that matters. Nothing makes you feel more attractive to others, than establishing yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin.

6.  You're engaged in new and exciting hobbies.

Engraining in new hobbies will show that you are willing to meet new people and try a new experience that doesn't  associate your ex . Make time for you, and see what you like. This is a good time to see what make you happy.

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7. You have jumped into a new career and are loving it.

Going back to school is great if you want to move on and you want to make more money or move on to another stage in your life. Finding a new career path opens the door to new adventures and new opportunities. 

8. You are moving on physically.

Moving  to another location is great. Relocating can be helpful when you want to start fresh and find someone for you that is different than your ex. A new environment is what we need sometimes to move on and be happy.

9. You have talked about it and moved on.

Talking to a therapist or a trusted friend is a good start in moving on. Talking about your feelings towards your ex can bring closure and peace to your life. Holding your feeling in can cause you more harm than good.

10. You have positive vibes that radiate on to other people.

Letting people know through your mood that you are happy will attract people to you and have positive affects on your body. Take ownership of your life and do you.

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