Is Bam Margera Dead? New Details On What The Viva La Bam Star Is Up To Now

Whatever happed to the Viva La Bam star?

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Is Bam Margera dead? Yesterday, Hulk Hogan sent ripples of shock through the pop culture world when he posted an old photo of Jackass star Bam Margera with the words "damn Bam, I wish you were still with us, I sure would love to hang out again, miss you brother." Hogan's wish can easily came true, however, since Margera is alive and well and living in the California. Hogan got Margera confused with his Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn who died in a car accident in 2011.


All of this got us wondering what the one-time tv star is doing now. Is he still doing radical — and dangerous — stunts? How is his relationship with his family? Read on to see what Margera has been doing since his MTV days.

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1. Back in the day

Margera rose to fame in the CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) Crew in the 1990s. Their on-camera stunts led to a contract with MTV to do the show Jackass from 2000-2002. After Jackass went off the air, he was the host of another stunt show Viva La Bam until 2005. Following that, he and his then-fiancee Melissa Rothstein appeared in Bam's Unholy Union, a show that followed their wedding planning process. 


2. Tough times

Margera and Rothstein were married until 2012 but it was far from a happy marriage. In 2009, Rothstein called 911 to help Margera after a four-day drinking binge. He went on to blame his marriage for the drinking saying, "I may get a divorce ... booze helps." The couple separated in 2010 and were divorced in 2012.

3. Second chance at love

In 2013, Margera announced his marriage to Nicole Boyd. Boyd is a photographer and actress, who performed in a terrifying haunted house, among other things. The couple wed in Rekjavik, Iceland.

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4. DUI

The couple announced the birth of their son in 2017 but Margera didn't become a perfect dad all at once. Two weeks after the baby was born, he was arrested for a DUI in California. The arrest led to a stint in rehab.


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5. Baby love

His son, named Phoenix Wolf, makes frequent appearances on Margera's Instagram account. Check out this adorable newsboy cap.


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6. Mother knows best

In addition to becoming a father, Margera took steps to repair his relationship with his own parents. In 2016, he and his mother April appeared on  VH1's Family Therapy. His mother spoke positively of the experience, saying, "We have a much better level of communication. I’m not afraid to say things to him when he’s messing up. I’m not afraid to come right out and say, ’Look, you need to start thinking about this again.'”


7. Merch

These days, Margera has a lifestyle brand that reflects his own skater aesthetic. You can find his clothing and jewelry lines at his website and on his Instagram account.

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Now word yet is Margera is going to hang out with Hulk Hogan, but if they do, I'm sure it will be a good time.


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