12 Personalized Gifts On Etsy To Make Your Dad Feel Extra Special This Father's Day

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Etsy Father's Day Gifts

Dads tend to be the most difficult members of the family to shop for. When asked what they want point-blank, the usual list of Father's Day gift ideas tends to read like a list of errands: socks, a dress shirt for work, golf balls, new shoes, etc. 

When they act like they don't want/need anything, the whole buying-gifts-for-Dad routine can be uninspiring, to say the least. 

Taking to the internet and searching for the best Father's Day gifts doesn't always yield the most exciting results either. Which is why many kids and parents are turning to Etsy to find cool personalized gifts to give their dads this year. 

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A global marketplace specializing in unique and creative goods, Etsy is a great place to find customizable Father's Day gifts that are sure to make your dad feel like a million bucks. 

So more tube socks, gift cards or hats decorated with the logo his favorite beer! Give Dad a gift that will let him know just how loved and appreciated he is with one of these Father's Day gifts from Etsy: 

1. His personal whiskey glass with reminders of his great accomplishment (A.K.A. you). 


Perfect for the kind of dad who likes to end a long day of work with a glass of whiskey or scotch, this custom glass is etched with a subtle reminder of just who he loves the most. 

The glass can be etched on both sides, if desired, and can also include an image if you're really feeling creative. Get this adorable glass here!

2. A gift for the dad who is really into fart jokes. 


Choose any of these five different, punny designs, and you're guaranteed a few chuckles from your pop. This gift is super cheap, so you may want to spice it up with a gift card or maybe even a magazine subscription for his bathroom appointments. Get this silly gift here!

3. Personalized wallets for when he's feeling stylish. 


This personalized leather wallet is only for the classiest of dads — or for those few, fleeting moments in life when your dad actually wants to act classy. And the name or initial is fire-branded, which adds an extra dose of coolness. Get this personalized leather wallet here!

4. A gift that's cool, but still useful. 


There's a reason dads are known for asking for the most boring of gifts — they tend to like things that serve a purpose. So if your dad is very much in that category — i.e., he has openly questioned the point of birthday cards during the middle of opening one — then this personalized valet station will make the perfect gift. 

With a place to charge your phone, store your nice watches and leave your keys, this gift comes with many purposes and can be personalized with his name, making it extra-thoughtful. Get this personalized tech station here!

5. Because he really is a superhero. 


We all know our dads are heroes — but do they? Get this adorable framed reminder customized by choosing the superheroes who you think represent your dad the best. Get this personalized superhero frame here! 

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6. A cute gift if your dad is still mad you chose an out-of-state college. 


While he may still be harboring some resentment that you decided to move away from home (and him), this cute personalized mug serves as a sweet reminder that you'll always be his little girl. Get this father-daughter long distance coffee mug here!

7. Great for the dad who always has a "project."


While the projects can range from the "is this really necessary" to "okay this is legitimately dangerous" every handyman dad needs his tools. And what better way to say you support his craftsmanship — even if it's from a distance — than a personalized hammer? 

Either use the quotes listed on the page or come up with your own. Get this custom Father's Day engraved hammer here!

8. This classic gift with a slight upgrade. 


If there is one thing I know for sure about dads, it's that they link things to put their other things in. And they can do that in style with this personalized case for their personalized golf balls. 

This thoughtful twist on a classic dad gift is perfect for the golfer who likes his name on things. The case is also a great place to store those prized golf balls, like the one he swore he made a hole in one with. Get this personalized golf ball set and case here!

9. For the dad who likes to "track" everyone. 


Forget trying to map out the family line on Ancestry or sending your spit to a lab so they can tell you what countries you're from. This personalized family tree wood sign is great for the dad who either A) loves seeing how everyone in the family is connected or B) has a hard time remembering the names of your cousins. Get this personalized family wood tree sign here!

10. Your mom will actually thank you for this one. 


The wife of every beer connoisseur knows the sharp pain of stepping on a beer cap. Keep your mom (or stepmom) happy and your dad out of trouble with this personalized beer bottle opener and cap catcher. 

He'll love seeing his name on something, and she'll love being able to walk around her kitchen barefoot and worry-free. Get this personalized bottle opener here!

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11. A personalized cutting board for your chef-dad. 


As a person who does not cook often or well, I think it's highly important to not only celebrate the chefs in our lives, but encourage them to keep on cookin'. And this gorgeous personalized cutting board will do just that. 

Whether it's engraved with the family name or a cute chef-dad saying, this is the perfect Father's Day gift to say, "I love you" and "Can I have seconds" at the same time. Get this personalized cutting board here!

12. And this cute-as-can-be frame to show off one of your most precious moments. 


A framed photo of you and your dad might sound a little cheesy at first, but when it's as cute as this one — and made of wood — it's the coolest gift for Dad you could get. 

Choose your favorite high-resolution photo of you and your pop, send it over, and you'll get this one-of-a-kind frame he's bound to love. Get this custom Father's Day frame here!

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