20 Of The Most Hilarious Best Memes And Tweets About The Pusha T Drake Feud

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 Best Memes And Tweets About The Pusha T Drake Feud

From 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, to Tupac vs. Notorious B.I.G. to Jay Z vs. Nas, feuds have been part of the rap scene for decades. But the best part of artists beefing is the music they end up making for us. And making diss tracks is what rappers do, right?

So, it’s only natural that Pusha T would escalate his feud with Drake. The two have had a history of beef that dates all the way back to 2011, with Drake taking shots at Pusha T in “Dreams Money Can Buy,” and Pusha T stealing Drake’s beat for “Don’t F*** With Me.” They’ve gone back and forth since then.

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But on Tuesday night, in a scathing track called “The Story of Adidon,” Pusha T took big shots at Drake, dedicating the entire track to addressing his character and relationships.

Pusha T made multiple accusations and below-the-belt insults against the rapper, including that he fathered a love child with adult film actress Sophie Brussaux, is a deadbeat dad, how he grew up without a father of his own, and claiming he uses ghostwriters for his songs. Oh, yeah, and that Drake had used black face at one point. Yikes.

Since then, Drake has responded — not addressing the claims made in “The Story of Adidon,” but to point out that the black face photo of him was “taken out of context.” He posted an Instagram story, explaining that the picture was meant to represent the challenges black Americans face in Hollywood, and was taken in 2007 by photographer David Leyes:

But as for this ongoing feud, as always, Twitter has not failed us. Here are the most hilarious best memes and tweets about Pusha T’s new diss track against Drake:

1. All the Pokémon fans will understand.

2. Can Drake take the heat?

3. To put it simply:

4. Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

5. The internet has no chill.

6. OMG. We are done.

7. Drake from Tonga?

8. We wonder if Steve Harvey will respond.

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9. Again, no chill whatsoever.

10. Just ... ouch.

11. Hey now, hey now, this is what memes are made of.

12. Well, he does have a point...

13. If Drake is that sensitive, maybe he should find a new job.

14. At least they are being honest.

15. Poor Steve can’t catch a break.

16. No words.

17. Some heroes don’t wear capes. Like whoever made this.

18. Isn’t revenge sweet?

19. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

20. Spill. That. Tea.

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