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5 Awkward Details About Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell's Relationship, Including Reports That Kristen's Cheating On Stella

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Who Is Kristen Stewart Girlfriend Stella Maxwell? 5 Awkward Details About Their Relationship

Who is Kristen Stewart's girlfriend Stella Maxwell? Stella is a Victoria's Secret model that has been in the paparazzi's limelight lately for dating Kristen Stewart. Their relationship has constantly been in the tabloids because of it's constant up and downs. With Kristen Stewart's notorious cheating past, is Stella safe in their relationship?

The two reportedly started dating sometime in 2016 but kept their relationship under wraps until paparazzi officially caught them kissing in January 2017.

However, it seems like Kristen's bringing back old habits into her relationship with Stella. Hollywood relationships like Kristen and Stella's are known to be filled with drama. So don't be fooled by Stella's model glam look and career because she and Kristen are gravitating towards the toxic relationship category. 

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1. They moved in together only after 5 months of dating. 

A source close to Stella reported to US Weekly that "they have moved in together" after dating for only five months. Now, we all know that it takes time before a couple should decide to live together. Moving together only can amplify the relationship issues. But US also reported that Stella still has her apartment in NYC and that “they’re both so busy with work,” according to a source close to Stella. 

2. They were involved in a steamy love triangle.

Want to know who the third member of their love triangle was? It was supermodel Bella Hadid. Celebrity gossip site Babe reported that the two allegedly made out in 2015. Although this was prior to their relationship, according to Hollywood Life, Kristen is unhappy with Stella for not disclosing her relationship with Bella. “Stella and Kristen were already having problems and are now at a breaking point after Kristen reached out to Bella and warned her to back off from her girlfriend,” a source reportedly revealed.

Kristen is awfully familiar with being in love triangles, especially after her affair with the married director, Rupert Saunders. Looks like things are coming back around. 

3. They have an on and off relationship.

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These two are the epitome of on an off. They were spotted at the Coachella Music Festival back in April and apparently, the couple wasn't in good spirits. "Kristen and Stella did not look like a couple at all. they weren't holding hands or kissing like they usually would," a witness told Radar Online. Could it be because Bella Hadid was there? That's right. Bella attended the same party as Stella and Kristen. The eyewitness also reported that Bella made things even "more awkward" by being in the same party with the couple.

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4. Both have a complicated love history. 

Stella not only had ties to Bella Hadid but she has also been involved with singer/actress Miley Cyrus. Elle reported that Cyrus referred to Stella in song lyrics from her album Younger Now. Miley was always very coy about her relationship with the Victoria's Secret model, telling Elle UK in 2015, "Stella's awesome, but as soon as you hang out with someone, you get labeled as in a relationship."

Kristen, of course, has been linked to Robert Pattinson and Cara Delevingne's ex St. Vincent among others. 

5. Is Kristen cheating on Stella?

Radar reported that Kristen allegedly cheated on her Stella in June 2017 with her ex-girlfriend Alicia Cargile after paparazzi caught Kristen leaving Alicia's house after spending the night. A longtime friend of Kristen's told Radar that "Alicia is the first woman that Kristen has ever loved and she will always love her." According to the source, Alicia believes she's "not pretty enough" for Kristen to want to be public with their relationship even though "Kristen has cheated on every woman she's dated with Alicia."

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