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Who Is Lucia Evans? New Details About The Former Actress Who Is One Of The Two Women Pressing Charges Against Harvey Weinstein For Rape

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Who Is Lucia Evans? New Details About The Former Actress Who Is One Of The Two Women Pressing Charges Against Harvey Weinstein For Rape

Lucia Evans is one of the two women having their MeToo moment after pressing rape and sexual abuse charges against former Miramax CEO Harvey Weinstein, but who is the former aspiring actress, and what exactly is she accusing him of? 

Following a seven-month long investigation, Weinstein officially turned himself into New York police on Friday. He's facing rape and sexual assault charges which officials say are based on the allegations from two women. One has yet to be identified, and the other is Evans, 34. 

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While still chasing her dreams of being an actress — she landed a few roles in Fair City, Uncle Max, and Zombie Hotel — Evans met Weinstein during the summer before starting her senior year at Middlebury College in 2004. He approached her at a club, Cipriani Upstairs, and invited her to meet with him about potential career opportunities at Miramax's office in Tribeca. 

Before the meeting, Evans said she had reservations and had heard rumors about Weinstein. He also called her late at night. 

She said she even felt relieved when she saw a female casting executive would be present during their meeting. Soon after the meeting began, however, that executive left her and Weinstein alone. 

It was there that he started to badmouth Evans and tell her she needed to lose weight if she wanted to be on Project Runway. Then he took out his penis and pulled her head down towards him. 

“He forced me to perform oral sex on him,” she said. “I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this. Stop. Don’t.’ He’s a big guy. He overpowered me.”

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After the assault, Evans said that Weinstein acted like nothing happened. 

"It was like it was just another day for him. It was no emotion.”

In the months following her meeting with Weinstein, Evans said she hardly slept, developed an eating disorder and had problems with her school work and her relationships. Her roommates even told her she should see a therapist because they were concerned she was going to commit suicide. 

She decided to press charges after they told her that they might not be able to bring Weinstein to justice without her cooperation. 

"They said that if I do nothing, Harvey would walk,” she said. “I think the significance hit all at once.” 

Some of the investigators on Evans' case were apart of a 2015 investigation into Weinstein where model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez accused him of assault. Even though audio of the producer admitting to groping Gutierrez was taken, the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance decided not to press charges. Sources said that prosecutors in Vance's office are helping to develop the second woman's case that helped lead to Weinstein's arrest. 

“I know how this has changed my life for the worse. How he took away my self-esteem and personal power. And knowing I can take it back, and stop him from doing that to another woman, I couldn’t let that go.”

Evans is married to Travis Evans and works as a successful marketing consultant. 

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