The 6 Best Sex Positions For Having Sex Outside Of The Bedroom, According To 1,000 People

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Sex is the one thing that sets your romantic relationship apart from your platonic relationships. It’s also a good indicator of how strong your relationship actually is.

But did you know that where you have sex is just as important as how much sex you have?

House Method surveyed 1,048 people between the ages of 18 and 80 (47 percent of which were men and 53 percent women) who are in relationships and living with their partner. They found that of those people surveyed, people who take their sex life outside of the bedroom reported 10.5 percent more relationship satisfaction than those who stayed in the bedroom. Likewise, people having sex outside the bedroom were 33 percent more likely to be satisfied with their sex life.


Now, whether this means couples having sex outside of the bedroom do so because they’re more into their partner or they’re more into their partner because they have sex outside of the bedroom is yet to be determined, but one thing is for certain: taking your sex life into different rooms of the house is good for your relationship.

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Of course, the sex positions you engage in most play a big part in how good your sex life is as well. For example, House Method’s survey found that couples whose go-to sex positions are spooning or missionary have less sex than average around the house — which, of course, translates to lower relationship satisfaction.


That doesn’t mean you should stop spooning or getting it on missionary style — it just means you should take it outside of your bedroom!

Check out the best sex positions for having sex in places other than your own bed, and hopefully you’ll find a little inspiration.

1. Spooning

Spooning obviously works great in the bedroom, especially for morning sex when you’re both feeling extra lazy (and also want to avoid breathing your morning breath all over each other). But it works just as well in other rooms of the house!


Best suited for:

Living room: it’s the perfect position for when you’re snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix. You don’t even need to take your eyes off the TV!

Guest bedroom: sure, it’s still a bedroom. But it has that extra adventurous feeling to it because when your next guest stays over, you and your partner have a little secret together.

Home office: skip the lunch break and get some spooning on

2. 69

Ah, the infamous 69 — the one number that makes every adult smirk no matter what its context. Just the way the number looks, one of you is on top of the other so you’re position in a way that puts each of your genitals in line with your mouths.


Best suited for:

Guest bedroom: now not only will you share the secret that you had sex where your guests are sleeping now, but you 69’d there.

Living room: there’s plenty of room for this on the couch since you’re stacked on top of each other.

Den: a little more hidden away than the living room, you have less of a chance of someone walking in on you in this precarious position.

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3. Cowgirl

This girl-on-top position puts the woman in charge of setting the pace. Plus, he gets to see all of you, and that’s a huge turn on.

Best suited for:

Living room: there are all kinds of ways you can do this position on the couch. Sitting up, laying down, you name it.


Guest bedroom: you basically can’t go wrong with the guest bedroom.

Home office: distract him from work for a little — straddle him while he’s sitting in his desk chair.

4. Missionary

As boring as everyone makes missionary sound, you really just can’t go wrong with it. Plus, what’s sexier than looking him in his eyes during sex?

Best suited for:

Guest bedroom: because duh.

Living room: another good couch position that doesn’t take up too much room.

Den: the coziest sex position for the coziest room in the house (aside from your bedroom, that is).

5. Doggy Style

Guys love doggy style, and even though it might not be the most intimate sex position, it’s still pretty great.


Best suited for:

Living room: migrate from the couch to the floor, and with him behind you, you can both still see what’s on TV!

Bathroom: when the bathroom is warm and steamy and you’re already both naked, how can you not imagine him bending you over the sink?


Kitchen: that’s what the kitchen island is there for, isn’t it?

6. Standing

This one can be tough for couples who have a major height difference, but when it works, it really works.

Best suited for:

Bathroom: shower sex, anyone?

Kitchen: if you’re gonna do it in the kitchen, just make sure you’re not around any dangerous objects. Don’t need anyone getting burnt on the stove!

Laundry room: with very little space in most laundry rooms, this makes total sense.

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