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5 Sad New Details About Stephanie Adams' Life Before Suicide — And Disturbing Info About Her Son's Death

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Details about Stephanie Adams suicide

Former Playboy playmate Stephanie Adams and her 7-year-old son were found dead on May 18, 2018. According to Essence, the former model and her son Vincent checked into the Gotham Hotel in New York City on May 17 and a guest of the hotel found their bodies in the courtyard the next morning.

Adams and her estranged husband Charles Nicolai, a chiropractor in Manhattan, had been going through a heated custody battle over their son and had recently escalated when he filed for sole custody just a few days prior to their deaths. Adams' tumultuous marriage was only the most recent event in her personal life that was plagued by trouble. The former model was also involved in disputes with the police, one of which resulted in a million dollar lawsuit.

However, the most recent developments in the custody case seemed to be the last straw for Adams, who had stated that she just wanted to remove her son from the situation. “All I want to do is take my son and get away from this nightmare for a few days,” she reportedly said in a two-minute phone call to the New York Post's Richard Johnson, “but they won’t let me.”

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Here are all the details we know so far about Stephanie Adams' death.

1. Adams had multiple altercations with the law over the years.

The 46-year-old's first dispute with police was back in 2006 when she claimed that she had received permanent injuries after a confrontation with the police. Adams finally won the lawsuit in 2012 and was awarded $1.2 million dollars.

However, only a year later, the former model and her ex-husband were involved in another case made against them by a massage therapist who had worked at Nicolai's office. Dilek Edwards sued them after she claimed that Adams sent her threatening texts warning her to stay away from her family and to not come back to work at the practice and that her relationship with Nicolai had always just been a professional one. Adams denied all of the accusations made against her. 

2. Adams' marriage to Nicolai was extremely toxic and involved multiple domestic disputes.

The couple reportedly had constant arguments, so many that they had ten domestic incident reports filed between them. Some were against each other while others involved another woman, who was never identified, and Adams. 

Adams also filed child abuse complaints against her ex-husband. However, child welfare officials had ruled them as "unfounded." But Adams most recent complaint against Nicolai actually resulted in his arrest after the ex-model claimed that he had given their son food that he was allergic to. However, a prosecution was declined.

The couple's fighting had gotten so bad that they had to start meeting at the police station to avoid conflict whenever they had to transfer their son to each other. Adams had also hinted in her last tweet that domestic abuse may have been involved in the relationship.

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3. The former model was denied a gun permit in 2015.

Adams was outspoken about her affinity for guns and even once had described herself as a “wickedly accurate sharp shooter.” The former model also claimed that she was trained by the Special Forces, Secret Service, and Navy Seals. “I prefer shooting to shopping," she stated. Adams even noted her efficiency in gun handling on her personal website describing herself as a, “Proud sharpshooter and NYC licensed owner of rifles, shotguns, and firearms." 

Despite all of this, when Adams went to get a gun permit in 2015, she was denied due to her multiple entanglements with the law and in particular, the domestic disputes. She was eventually approved the next year and even brought a reporter with her when she purchased the firearm. 

4. Adams was in debt and reportedly had plans to take her son to Europe.

Adams had still owed money to her lawyers at the time of her death and was apparently so in debt that she was on her fourth lawyer. A close friend had also noted that Adams seemed to be having some emotional issues before her death. The former model had also been planning to take her son to Spain for the summer. However, the judge had denied her permission to do so.

Adams' friend also commented how important Vincent was to her. “This boy was her whole life. This is terrible,” he reportedly said of Adams. 

5. Her son's death was confirmed as murder, not suicide.

Medical officials recently confirmed Vincent's death to be a homicide and Adams' as a suicide after examining the injuries made to both his and Adams' bodies. The autopsy had revealed that the former model pushed her son out the window before jumping out herself and both suffered numerous injuries from the blunt impact.

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