Who Is Dana Loesch's Husband? New Details To Know About Chris Loesch

They are both staunch supporters of the NRA.

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With gun control being a debate that’s front and center, you may have heard about Dana Loesch, a staunch supporter for guns and a spokesperson for the NRA. She’s also a conservative commentator and former host of Dana on The Blaze, as well as a former writer for Breitbart.

But who is the man who stands behind Dana every step of the way? Who is Dana Loesch’s husband, Chris Loesch?  We've done some digging and found a few details about her hubby you may not know.


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1. He’s a music producer and graphic designer.


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On his LinkedIn page, he describes his music career: “In my career as a touring musician and singer/songwriter I strove to bring new musical concepts and sounds to life. My flair for the visual side of performance and drama drew me into the world of computer graphics where I quickly became in demand as a graphic artist and layout specialist for many publications large and small.”


Since 2014, he has worked as an owner, producer and creative director of Intuation Studios LLC in Dallas, Texas. Of his role, he says, “I oversee the creative process from conception to finish. Our company custom builds a creative team for each project from our exclusive network of the best creative talent across the nation.”

He also previously owned Shock City Studios LLC in St. Louis, working as an independent music producer who worked on big and small projects. And he also doubles as his wife’s manager, too.

2. Their political views once clashed.


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In a 2010 piece in The Riverfront Times, Dana revealed when she and Chris met, he was a Republican. But she didn’t care because after just three months of dating, they got married. Dana was 22, Chris was 29, and according to Dana’s mom, the two would argue constantly over politics: “Dana would just be pumping her fist. ‘You're wrong, Chris! You're wrong!’” But her political opinions changed after September 11th, when she watched the towers fall while her infant son played in front of the television.


3. They’ve been married for 17 years.


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As of October 2017, the two have been married for 17 years — after only dating for three months!

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4. They have two children.

Chris and Dana have two sons, Liam and Ewan. Thanks to her children, Dana’s writing career also began when she started a blog called Mamalogues, talking about homeschooling her sons.


5. Chris is very romantic.

It’s no secret Chris Loesch loves his wife; he constantly gushes about her on social media. On an Instagram post, Chris wrote, “She completes me and together we try to make the world a better place. I’m so proud that everyone else can see what I already knew. I thank God for putting us together. I love you Dana Loesch, around the moon and back, around the stars and back, forever and ever."

And even back when they first met, Dana recalls, “He was a total Romeo. I’ll sound like a total airhead but when you meet someone, you just know. I had a lot of ease around him that I’d never felt before.”

6. He defends his wife against Internet trolls.

Chris had his Twitter account suspended after defending his wife against awful comments.


7. They refer to themselves as “non-denominational Jesus freaks.”


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On her now defunct blog, Dana once admitted, “We are non-denominational Jesus-freaks. I think some people are scared of Christians because they think we’re all like Piper Laurie’s Carrie character, fuzzy-headed carnival barkers who make a circus out of worship. Those kind of people scare the crap out of me, too. I left the church for awhile because I allowed other people to represent their distorted views of Christianity to me instead of discovering for myself.”

Chris was also raised in a Christian home that “saw the transformative power of Christ first hand.”

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