5 Gorgeous Places To Visit At Least Once In Your Twenties

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5 Gorgeous Places To Visit At Least Once In Your Twenties

By Leslie Wyman

Turning thirty is a significant milestone for some people. It is probably the age by which you have conceivably, to some extent, seized the art of adulting. As such, your twenties is an excellent time to live for today, all-nighters, be in awful relationships, and not thought out haircuts.

Also, your twenties is a wonderful time to see and explore the world, since you are less probable to get restricted with family liabilities or a mortgage. Because at the end of the day, no one has ever regretted their youth and preferred to travel less.

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Traveling while you’re young is extremely fun. Once you turn thirty, there’s no turning back because finally, you are a real adult now. Thus, you have to make the most out of your twenties. Go out and explore!

And for some help, check out the list below about the coolest places to visit before turning thirty.

1. Munich, Germany

The Munich Oktoberfest isn’t just about chugging beer because it also claims to be one of the world’s biggest folk festival. Over the years, the festival itself has beguiled almost six million tourists a year, who most of them consume approximately seven million liters of beer and nibble their way through a large number of grilled sausages, giant pretzels, and chicken.

Oktoberfest only lasts for two weeks and is annually held in a grassy field just outside Munich City Center. Aside from drinking, eating, and dancing, tourists can also have fun with the colorful parades and different fairground rides.

The festivals popularity and fame only mean that it is a massive crowd-puller. So, if you’re planning to visit this city before turning thirty, as a rule of thumb, book your accommodation and transport in advance.

Visiting Munich, especially during Oktoberfest, seems like a great idea when you’re still audacious and don’t resent spending money in a different country.

2. Yamba, Australia

This town should be on every twenties travel bucket list, most especially for those who are looking just to chill and surf. Yamba’s beach town enchants thousands of visitors with a bohemian atmosphere and a temperate climate.

There is not one, but 16 dazzling beaches to splurge in and enjoy. If surfing is your favorite activity, you can head to the Angourie Beach or the Brooms Head Main Beach because these beaches are the best spots for surfing.

Aside from the top-rated beaches, you can also visit the Yamba lighthouse which stands about 18 meters tall. Sure, Yamba is not a big city, but it is certainly a fun place to delve into and explore. So, be sure to list these stops on your itinerary.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Known as the music city, Nashville always offers staggering festivals or events. This city brags incredible vintage shopping, great art crawls, and some nifty historical sites such as the Printers Alley and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage mansion.

The city of Nashville attracts thousands of visitors every year, so go bar hopping without any hesitation until you hit the right one. But watch out for bachelorette party bikes when you are passing the Broadway.

Aside from the live music, it’s very easy to have new friends in Nashville since almost everyone in this city is amiable. Even though you are only in Nashville for a day or two, you will certainly leave with a new friend.

Moreover, there’s an incredible selection of food. Whichever part of Nashville you are visiting, rest assured that you’ll find some of the best eating places around. From burgers to hot chicken to barbeque, you will never starve while you’re in Nashville.

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4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is an impeccable fusion of old and new, also known as the “Paris of South America,” should certainly be on your travel bucket list. From the picturesque plazas to biking tours to dancing lessons, this city is full of marvelous cultures and personalities. Nightlife galore, world-class shopping, and art are just the beginning.

Furthermore, when visiting the city of Buenos Aires, it’s common to see a spontaneous tango show on the street. So, don’t get shocked and enjoy the show.

5. Havana, Cuba

For sure, you have heard the captivating song of Camila Cabello’s “Havana.” And just like the song, you’ll also fall in love with the city. So, while you can have the money, be sure to visit the city of the future.

Havana is not an ordinary city. It has a distinct combination of migration influxes, colonization processes, political and artistic movements, which makes it a prominent city in Latin America. So, if you want to have a vacation that includes natural landscapes, a bit of history, and a place to relax and unwind, Havana is the perfect destination for you.

Aside from that, luscious drinks and meals await you in Havana, but it depends if you are willing to hunt for a bit. Havana is a safe city, so you don’t have to worry about wandering around. But, it doesn’t automatically imply that crime is absent, so always stay mindful. Also, make sure to bring a reliable bag. You can buy one in any online store like Luggage Online.


Traveling or exploring the world is a foolproof way to cultivate your life and learn, and some places are best or ideal to visit while you’re in your twenties. From Munich to Yamba to Nashville to Buenos Aires to Havana, these amazing places should be on every twenties travel bucket list. So while you’re still young, go and travel the world.

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