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Scary New Details About The Man Who Murdered His Female Co-Worker's Fiancé Because He Wanted To Date Her

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Scary New Details About The Man Who Murdered His Female Co-Worker's Fiancé Because He Wanted To Date Her

Two San Francisco men are behind bars after police say one of them shot and killed a co-workers fiancee so he could date her. 

Kevin Prasad, 31, worked at the San Francisco International Aiport with Thandel Seinn, 31. Though she saw their relationship as strictly platonic friends, prosecutors believe Prasad developed some serious feelings that led him to commit murder. 

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“He just tell me, ‘Don’t go’ and ‘I want to be with you,’” Seinn told CBS. “He would just say something like a friendly joke."

She says that Prasad was very aware of her longterm relationship with Mark Mangaccat, 31. They have a 3-year-old child together and were planning on getting married and moving to Las Vegas.

"We were friends. At the airport we work in same job; [my] boyfriend, me and him, we were friends,” she said.

Last Wednesday was Seinn's final day of work at the airport. Prasad followed her and Mangaccat back to their home in Hayward, CA.

He waited in a car with a man named Donovan Rivera until he approached the couple sitting in their vehicle and shot Mangaccat five to six times at close range. 

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Seinn was not harmed and Mangaccat died on the scene. Prasad and Rivera drove away. 

The woman originally told police that she didn't see the shooter, but that there had been "some weird behavior from him."

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said the main motivation behind the murder was Prasad's hopes to have a chance with Seinn.

“It’s this bizarre thought process of, ‘if I get rid of the boyfriend, I can be there to comfort the grieving girlfriend,’” the DA said. 

Both Prasad and Rivera are charged with murder, assault with a firearm, firing into an occupied vehicle and lying in wait. If convicted, they could face the death penalty. 

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