Weird New Details About The Theory That Stormi's Dad Isn't Travis Scott — But Kylie Jenner's Bodyguard

Fans thing Tim Chung looks a lot like Stormi.

Weird New Details About The Theory That Stormi's Dad Isn't Travis Scott — But Kylie Jenner's Bodyguard getty

Despite Kylie Jenner's indication that her boyfriend Travis Scott is indeed the father of her first daughter, fans have yet to be totally convinced. 

A new conspiracy theory erupted on Twitter Tuesday that suggests the real father of Stormi Webster is Kylie's personal bodyguard. 

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The now-famous bodyguard is 20-year-old Tim Chung, who graces his over 160K Instagram followers with photos of him hiking, playing basketball and hanging with babies who aren't related to the Kardashians. 

"Stormi Jenner looks like Kylie's bodyguard right? Someone call Maury," another person wrote. 

Ever since this theory started making its rounds on the interwebs, fans have been trolling the Keeping Up With the Kardashians' social media pages about the identity of her baby's father. 


Someone apparently went too far by asking the reality star point blank on Twitter if Travis was really Stormi's dad. So she blocked them. 

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Chung is not only Kylie's bodyguard, but he's also a model. Of course, now his photos are flooded with comments about Kylie, who seems to make no appearance on his social media. 

"I have to give you props if you smashed while Travis was around," one follower wrote. 

If the rumors are somehow true, we could see how Kylie could be into him: 

Despite what her fans' might believe, Travis is listed as the father on Stormi's birth certificate. And there's a rumor that she's already planning on having a second child with him. 


"Kylie wants a big family and definitely wants more kids with Travis, especially a son," an insider reported. "She'd like Stormi to have a little brother next and knows that Travis really wants a little boy — someone he can teach how to be a man."

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