Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Dating? New Details About Their Secret Relationship

Are Tom and Zendaya thirsty for each other?

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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating? Yesterday, Spiderman actor Tom Holland was seen leaving his rumored girlfriend Zendaya's house. He had an overnight bag in tow and seemed very cheery while heading out. Could this new Zendaya romance possibly be making him giddy — or is he simply just leaving a friends house after spending the weekend? Tom doesn't live in LA so needing a place to stay isn't surprising, but is he shacking with his boo?


No one knows for sure yet as neither Holland or Zendaya have confirmed the relationship. In fact, they've both denied it. Zendaya claims the two are just best friends: “He’s a great dude,” she said. “He’s literally one of my best friends. There’s very few people that will understand what that’s like at 20 years old." 

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She even talks about how she gets romantically linked with most of her male costars. “It happens all the time, and of course we expected it,” she said. “I mean, it comes with the territory. It comes with the job, so it's all good.” 


But speculation remains rampant that this 'friendship' is much, much more. Let's investigate.

1. They met on the set of Spiderman: Homecoming.

Most recently they were seen attending the Avengers Infinity War premiere together on April 27, and then again on April 29th. They also versed each other on the show Lip Sync Battle — Tom SLAYED. See for yourself:

2. Spiderman director Sam Raimi has commented on their relationship. 

"They apparently began dating with each other, I think, in the middle of the first movie ... although I didn't know it at the time ... but they eventually broke up before the second movie," he said. "I was concerned they wouldn't get the same chemistry back, but it was just me worrying." Other Spiderman movies have proved to start love connections, too. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst dated after they met on set. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone also dated after their Spidey flicks. 3 for 3? 


3. Tom has met Zendaya's parents. 


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At her movie premiere for The Greatest Showman Holland got to meet the actresses' parents. "Tom has met Zendaya's family and they love him," a source said. “They are really connected,” adding that the couple has been trying to keep the relationship under wraps for “privacy reasons.” Zendaya's parents are reportedly big fans of Tom. Zendaya's mom, Claire Stoermer even snapped a pic with him (pictured above). 

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4. The two have been spotted on a lot of date-like scenarios. 

They have spent plenty of time together while filming but offscreen they seem to get just as cozy. They sat next to each other at The Academy Awards and were together for the BAFTAs after parties. The day after that they went to lunch together the next day in LA. Zendaya posted a comment on Snapchat at the lunch saying "I can't take Tom anywhere. Here we are, just trying to enjoy a little lunch, but no. Every time he's here, paparazzi people wanna find us."  Most recently they were seen at a comic book store checking out the statue of Spider-man that is there. Awwww

5. Tom leans on Zendaya to help him deal with being famous. 

Tom has been in the public eye since his debut as the beloved Marvel superhero whereas Zendaya has been well-known for awhile now. “We are like the best of friends. She’s so great and amazing,” Holland said of his costar. “I’m a little worried [about dealing with fame … but] Zendaya is super-famous and she’s been through this and I just call her up and say, ‘How do I manage being famous?’ I’m very glad I have a friend like her.” 


6. They looked mighty cozy at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. 


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The Vanity Fair party is thee party event to attend during Oscars season. It’s where actors, producers, directors, studio executives, and publicists finally get to let loose — Tom and Zendaya, included. “They’re both really ambitious and they challenge each other ― but, most importantly, they make each other crack up,” People’s source said about their connection. “They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together. They have great banter back and forth."

7. Zendaya's been linked to another co-star.

Zendaya's latest movie The Greatest Showman with Zac Efron has been nominated for Academy Awards — but more saliciously sparked dating rumors between Efron and the actress. "This might be my favorite [on-screen] kiss ever,"  Efron said "The tension between [their characters] is so strong that literally just a glance between them is electric. When they finally have the courage in that moment to finally connect and get that kiss, it's .... really happening." 


8. The pair continue to deny dating rumors.

The actress tweeted her denial and actually found the rumors funny.

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