If You Have These 12 Signs, You Belong To The World's Most Go-Getter Personality Type

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The Myers Briggs personality test shows you the very basic core of your personality and allows you to learn more about how to better work with your personality. Every personality that is possible in humanity has been summed up in one of the 16 different Myers Briggs Types Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory.

All the personalities are based on four traits — extroversion, the way they process information, what they focus on, and how they plan ahead. One of the most intriguing types is the ESTP personality. ESTP stands for Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. They are known by professionals as “entrepreneur” types.

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Truthfully, they’re super-successful and super-rare to find. This personality group has major names like Sir Richard Branson, Ernest Hemingway, and Lucille Ball.

Wondering if you’re part of the few, the proud, the ESTPs? Well, these signs suggest you are:

1. In the workplace, you kill it.

ESTPs are often called “unicorn employees” because they are smart, resourceful, versatile, and also are capable of communicating well with people. High-pressure environments don’t bother them in the least bit, and they often adore working.

2. People often ask you if you’re crazy when they hear some of the risks you’ve taken.

If you’re looking for a personality type that loves risk, often to the point that others might think they’re crazy, look no further than an ESTP. They love risk and might even put themselves into unnecessarily risky situations as a result.

3. You can’t be boxed in.

Anyone who tries to get an ESTP to follow rigid rules, strict schedules, or otherwise conventional rules will have a very bad time. This is not the personality type to try to control. Boxing them in will often make them angry, bitter, defiant, or just make them flee. Nonconformity is the name of the game with these people.

4. People often call you impatient.

Because they tend to live in the moment, they don’t like to be kept waiting.

5. You are a natural social butterfly and might even act as a mediator between arguing friends.

If there’s one thing the ESTP personality excels at, it’s being sociable. These extroverts are the life of a party, sure, but are also perceptive enough to notice when they’re making someone uncomfortable. They often will use their perceptive nature to bond with people and are also very good mediators. Needless to say, they’re great friends to have.

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6. Team sports and other group activities are your thing.

A lot of ESTPs will go out and do physical things just so that they can meet new people. They’re natural adventurers, which is why they often end up being so into sports, adventure, and action.

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7. Though people claim you’re impulsive, there really is a method to your madness.

ESTPs are not individuals with their “heads in the clouds.” They are very analytical and logical when it comes to decision-making. They have a why, a how, and often will make snap decisions based around that.

8. The fastest way a person can annoy you is to seek attention or fish for compliments.

Because ESTPs are very perceptive around people, they tend to pick up on emotional manipulation before anyone else would. When they notice that someone is fishing for compliments, stirring up drama, or doing anything manipulative, ESTPs will almost immediately cut that person out. They do not have time for that.

9. You're a “straight shooter” type of person.

To a point, ESTPs are known for their bluntness. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means people always know where they stand with you.

10. People who hang out with you often call you the “fun friend.”

Most people know that they have certain friends that just give off certain vibes. There’s the friend who will be there when everything falls apart, the responsible “mom” of your group, and then there’s the friend people go to when they want to have a lot of fun.

If you’re an ESTP, your fun-loving personality makes you the first people call up when they are planning a party. Why? Because you’re fun!

11. You hated going to school, simply because it was so much inaction.

ESTPs are “doers.” They do not like to be forced to sit in a classroom and learn things that they don’t feel will help them later on. As a result, a lot of ESTPs hated school with a passion, even if they were popular during that time.

12. Finding a partner is a struggle, simply because most people can’t keep up.

Finally, the biggest sign you’re an ESTP is the way you deal with dating. Most ESTPs are people who want to have a partner, but only if that partner would be able to keep up with them. This isn’t an easy task, but for the right person, you're a dream come true!

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