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The Queen Reportedly Ordered Meghan Markle To Walk Behind Prince Harry And Follow A Bunch Of Other Odd Rules

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Meghan Markle

Apparently being engaged to a member of the royal family isn't all rainbows, butterflies, and brunches in Kensington Palace. 

A new report by Star claims that Princess-or-Duchess-to-be (we're not really sure yet) Meghan Markle has been handed down a list of "rules" she must follow if she wants the engagement to continue. Even scarier, this list was supposedly written by the Queen herself. 

"Meghan understands she must have a different public persona now, [but] she was shocked at some of the restrictions,” a source close to Markle told the magazine. “They just seem too antiquated and ridiculous."

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This list of royal rules includes things like "don't speak unless spoken to," and "always let Harry respond first." One of the rules even restricts Markle from walking in front of the prince. 

"Also, let him walk in front of you," it reads. "No one likes a henpecked prince!" 

Other rules on the list have to deal with how Markle interacts with the public. She's not allowed to be seen using a cell phone because it's "vulgar," and no conversations she has outside the castle walls are allowed to exceed two minutes. 

She also isn't allowed to get mad at Harry or anyone else in public as well as talk about beauty, diet or fitness. Markle isn't allowed to dress "flashy," and also can't complain if she's feeling sick. 

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"Do gaze adoringly at Harry,” one of the rules says. “Your job is to make him look good.”

"She’s told friends she finds the rules hilarious — but no one in the royal family is laughing," the source said. Which could be a problem because the rules state that if they are not followed, the wedding will be canceled. 

While the royal family has been known to be a little behind the times, Star has been proven to be wrong before. So there's a good chance this is just a rumor. 

Earlier this month, Markle made headlines for donning a messy bun, a style that is not commonly seen within the royal family. 

"The public are enjoying her fresh, relaxed approach very much as it is a little 'un-royal' at this stage. Prince Harry and Meghan have been wowing crowds on their recent royal tours. Meghan is definitely good news for the British royal family—she is interesting, effervescent and glowing with happiness, people are always attracted to those qualities," Zarife Hardy, director of the Australian School of Etiquette, told Harpers Bazaar. 

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