20 Best Tristan Thompson Cheating Memes (That Are Funny To Everyone But Khloe)

Another reason to love the Internet.

tristan thompson cheating meme Instagram

Khloe Kardashian just gave birth — and we're so happy for her! — but we're still not over giving her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, adequate crap for the stunt he pulled days before she went into labor. The Internet can be an awful place — but it can also be a glorious place. Especially when celebrity scandals go down. Case in point: When Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on his baby mama Khloe Kardashian, the people of the Interwebs did not disappoint. Behold: the 20 best Tristan Thompson cheating memes. 


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They're brutal...but hilarious. Maybe Khloe can find some comfort in the fact that people are rallying way more behind her (who wouldn't?) than Tristan. We are all here for you girl, cheaters always get what's comin' to them.

Without further adieu...

1. Kanye is not amused.


Instagram @glamtrashy_xo

2. Kris means business.

Instagram @dinzylinzy

3. Kris is the real OG. 


Instagram @feministvinez

4. Tristan, who were you trying to fool?

Instagram @fabjamal

5. *Squints real hard*. 


Instagram @lozzad1987

6. Likely story...

Instagram @those21

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7. Hmm...

PHInstagram @major_alert_100


8. Have a mediocre day at best. 

Instagram @_elliekel_

9. *SOBS*


Instagram @toodles86

10. The world has changed. 

Instagram @choconchoc

11. How dumb do you have to be?


Instagram @babykarmakardashian

12. Tristan is not to be outdone.

Instagram @dandelts

13. Priorities.


Instagram @madsmadeline

14. When in doubt, channel Queen Bey.

Instagram @nakedcakebox

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15. Too painful to watch. 


Instagram @southernvalleygirl

16. Silver lining?

Instagram @mrmetacrisis


17. Who remembers Shaggy??

Instagram @choopthatruth

18. The Kardashian curse strikes again. 


Instagram @donna_holden_

19. Ready for seconds?

Instagram @vividone01

20. We got you, boo. 


Instagram @youngtribune 

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