Khloe Kardashian's Family And Friends Respond To Tristan Thompson Cheating Video And Sex Tape

They rightfully support the very pregnant and heartbroken Khloe.

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Being nine months pregnant isn't easy. You're as big as a house, uncomfortable and have to pee constantly. However, you're also excited to meet your baby and enjoy time with your child's father. Unless, of course, the baby's father is NBA player Tristan Thompson and the news cycle is full of reports of his cheating with multiple women.

That's the position Khloe Kardashian finds herself in. To add insult to injury, she is far from her home in Los Angeles and cannot fly due to her advanced state of pregnancy. Kris and Kim Kardashian have reportedly flown to Cleveland to be by her side. What Khloe needs now, besides a media blackout, is the people who love her most. One thing we know about the Kardashians is they rally around their own and we expect Kris and Kim and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters to do everything they can to help Khloe through this.


The Kardashians have been down this road before with Khloe and Lamar Odom. They had concerns about her dating an athlete from the start. Kim is especially furious over the timing of Tristan's indiscretions. Let's take a look at how Khloe's family and friends are reacting to the news that Tristan Thompson has been cheating on her. 

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1. Her family had concerns about Tristan from the start.

As we mentioned above, the Kardashians have been down this road before. The Khloe and Lamar Odom situation was a nightmare. He cheated on her. She was heartbroken. And then she went out and not just started dating, but got knocked up by another NBA player. Still, all her family wants is for Khloe  to be happy. For what it's worth, she seemed happy with Tristan. (Until now?) Her social media feeds were full of tributes to her love for Tristan and adorable photos of the couple. As for Khole's family? They were realists. They recognized that women throw themselves at professional athletes and worried Khloe would get hurt. Now their worst fears have been realized. 


2. Kim is 'furious.'

Kim Kardashian is absolutely livid this is happening to her baby sister. The timing could not be worse. Tristan Thompson took away Khloe's ability to enjoy these last days of her pregnancy and joyously welcome her daughter. Instead she's heartbroken. She just wants her sister to be happy and is furious that she is under so much stress. That stress is not good for Khloe or the baby. 

3. Khloe's BFF sent a strong message via Instagram. 

Khloe's best friend Khadijah McCray took to Instagram to offer support. 

"The best thing a father can do is love his children."


That much is obvious. Let's hope she followed that up with a phone call to her BFF. Her twin sister, Malika Haqq, also a BFF of Khloe's, has yet to respond.

4. Khloe's friends are 'shocked.'

Have you ever had a friend call you up and tell you their relationship fell apart and you were absolutely shocked? That's reportedly the reaction Khloe's friends are having right now. And why not? Khloe has been very vocal about how much she loves (loved?) Tristan. Her social media is full of photos of the couple with tributes to their love written by Khloe. 

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5. Tristan's ex and baby mama Jordan Craig sent words of kindness to Khloe.

When Khloe started dating Tristan Thompson, Jordan Craig was pregnant with Tristan's baby. (Once a cheater, always a cheater?) Tristan and Jordan have a 16-month-old son named Prince Oliver together. If anyone in the world knows how Khloe is feeling right now, it's Jordan. Did she gloat? Did she crow about karma? Nope. She offered some words of kindness via Instagram less than an hour after scandal broke.


"If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others. Wishing peace for everyone."

6. Khloe's fans rallied around her on Twitter.

​The internet can be a scary place full of bullies — Twitter, especially. However, fans rallied around Khloe and sent her words of encouragement and love on Twitter. Using the hashtag #TeamKhloe, they created a virtual love letter to their girl with tweets such as "Does anyone have Khloe Kardashian's number? I need to make sure she's OK." (@GabrielleMcKeon) and "I'm actually really hurt about this Tristan Thompson situation. Khloe finally gets pregnant after years of struggling and this is how the baby of her father treats her and embarrasses her LIVE during the masses?! BEFORE the baby is even born?! G2g. I'm sick." (@neo_sukude)

Other tweets call out Thompson and root for the Cavaliers to lose. Ouch. 


Look, this is a hard time for Khloe. We all hope she feels loved and supported by her family, friends, and fans and has a safe, healthy and hopefully drama-free birth. 

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