20 Song Lyrics From All The Best Artists Playing Coachella 2018 (And How To Watch It At Home)

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How To Watch Coachella From Home And 19 Lyrics From Bands And Musicians On The 2018 Coachella Lineup

Music fans rejoice: Coachella 2018 starts on April 13.

The infamous music festival is a must-see for all music lovers — however, not everyone can afford the $429 price tag, not including travel to and accommodation in its Indio, California location. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the music festival fun!

How to watch Coachella at home

You’ll be able to catch all of your favorite performers streaming live on Coachella’s YouTube channel exclusively. Even though Coachella is technically two weekends, April 13-15 and then again April 20 - 22, they’re only live streaming the first weekend on YouTube.

If you have a virtual reality headset, the Coachella team announced they’ll have their own VR180 channel that you can virtually attend the festival from, including the ability to create your own festival schedule that’ll automatically switch to the live performances you want to see most throughout the day.

Google also announced that people with a Google Home device will be able to “talk to Coachella” during the festival to get info on schedules, hear backstage interviews, and even play some festival trivia.

Lastly, if you’d rather just listen to the performances and don’t care much about the actual stage performances, check out Sirius XM’s Coachella Radio for all of the live performances you could ever ask for.

Of course, you can also live vicariously through the Snapchat and Instagram stories of the lucky fans, celebs, and other musicians attending the festival themselves.

Gear up for the festival with some of the best music and shareable lyrics from all of your favorite artists on the 2018 Coachella lineup.

1. The Weeknd

Often imitated because this life I live is lavish —”Often”

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2. Vince Staples

I was up late night ballin' / Countin' up hundreds by the thousand —”Big Fish”

3. The Neighbourhood

These hearts adore / Every other beat the other one beats for —”Sweater Weather”


'Cause I could touch a hundred thousand souls / But none of them would ever feel like home / And no matter how far and wide I roam / You are the only one that I'll ever know —”Anyone Else”


Lost in love and lost in endless nights / Say let's stay and be forever young, young —”Body”

6. Beyoncé​

We flawless, ladies tell 'em / I woke up like this —"Flawless"

7. Post Malone

They said I wouldn't be nothing / Now they always say congratulations —”Congratulations”

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Baby you're like lightning in a bottle / I can't let you go now that I got it —”Electric Love”

9. Blackbear

The more I achieve, the more they be hatin' / Lowkey they be sayin' they always believed in me —”bright pink tims”

10. Alvvays

Too late to go out, too young to stay in / They're talking about us living in sin —”Archie, Marry Me”

11. Eminem

Music is like magic there's a certain feeling you get —”Till I Collapse”

12. Portugal. The Man.

One day the world may end / But there's still plenty to discover —”So Young”

13. Migos

Adding up checks, no minus / Get your respect in diamonds —”Walk It Talk It”

14. Cardi B

And karma for you is gon' be who you end up with —”Be Careful”

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15. Miguel

I'm Luke Skywalkin' on these haters —”Skywalker”

16. 6LACK

You won't get that far / Wastin' your breath on somebody else / You need to check yourself —”That Far”

17. Vance Joy

I love you when you're singing that song and / I got a lump in my throat 'cause / You're gonna sing the words wrong —”Riptide”

18. Amine

West Coast 'til I d-i-e / If you want respect, look me in my e-y-e —”Campfire”

19. Hayley Kiyoko

We could be bigger and brighter than space / Ain't no running away / No, real loving is sure / The way that I love, there's no taking my place —”What I Need”

20. THEY.

It's a give and take, so take your time, take me under / I wanna know, could you show me what I'm missing? —”Dante’s Creek”

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