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Heartbreaking New Details Revealed About The Murder Of 3-Year-Old Bella Edwards Who Was Violently Beaten To Death By Her Stepdad

Photo: Facebook
Stepfather Charged With Murder Of 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter Bella Edwards

A man charged with murdering a 3-year-old girl faced a judge Wednesday as the toddler’s family yelled, “Feed him to the wolves!”

Marc Jenkins, 32, was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree depraved assault in the brutal death of his girlfriend’s daughter, Bella Edwards. More charges could be added as the investigation continues.

In court, Bella’s family was outraged and had to be escorted out of the room as they screamed with anger.

“Keep my family in your prayers,” said a cousin, Quintina Thorne, 28. “Justice for Bella! Justice for Bella!”

The toddler was found unresponsive in her Queens home Monday evening, Pix 11 reports.

When police arrived at the apartment they found Jenkins performing CPR in an attempt to revive the unconscious child.

Bella was rushed to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital where she pronounced dead.

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“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you,” her mother, Shamika Gonzalez, said in a heartbreaking Facebook post. "This feels like a bad dream I can't wake up from."

An autopsy revealed that the 3-year-old died of blunt force trauma to her abdomen. Prosecutors said that she was hit in the stomach with such force that there was “little left to her stomach,” reports Pix 11.

“It’s really hard to imagine a more violent and horrifying scene,” said Assistant District Attorney Leigh Bishop. “Parts of her abdominal area were literally ripped apart.”


According to New York Daily News, Bella’s family gasped and cried as prosecutors described Bella’s death.

“We believe she bled to death [internally],” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said at a press conference Wednesday.

Bella was covered in bruises and injuries, some old and some new, Pix 11 reports.

Sexual abuse has not been ruled out but hasn’t been confirmed either.

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“This is a terribly disturbing case,” Queens district attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement. “The victim here is an innocent little girl, whose body revealed traumatic abuse injuries. The defendant — who resided with the child’s mother — now faces the possibility of life imprisonment.”

According to authorities, Jenkins was alone with the toddler and her 3-month-old brother for about eight hours before Gonzalez returned home and dialed 911 when she discovered her unresponsive daughter. Jenkins is the biological father of the 3-month-old and considered the stepfather of Bella.

Bella’ biological father, Kellon Edwards, said he found out about his daughter’s murder via Facebook, according to The New York Post.

“You can’t take a few moments to tell me?” he said through tears. “I’m devastated. I’m grieving.”

The New York City Administration for Children's Services has taken the 3-month-old into custody and out of the home as the case is investigated.

Boyce said that Jenkins is not cooperating with officials and is “not talking to us.”

He also said that police were called to the couple’s apartment before regarding domestic disputes, once in June and again on Jan. 28.

According to The New York Times, Jenkins spent five years in prison for firing 12 shots, injuring a 20-year-old. The news outlet reports that three other arrest records remain sealed.

If Jenkins is convicted he could face up to 25 years behind bars.

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