The 25 Best New Sexting Tips For Him (So Hot They'll Set Her Screen On Fire!)

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Guys, we need to talk. There’s an epidemic of bad sexting going on in the dating scene where people don't know how to sext. And I’m not talking about sexting that leaves girls cold, either. It’s sexting that creeps girls out and makes you unattractive.

Speaking as someone burnt out by this stuff, it’s time we talk about how to have great sexting.

I like to sext; however, I feel like most guys need a helping hand. If you’re looking for sexting tips and sexting examples for him that will actually work to your advantage, congrats. You’ve come to the right place.

1. Stop showing unsolicited d*** pics.

It. Is. Not. Sexy. I understand you’re proud of it, but it does not work. If anything, this is the kind of behavior that gets you ghosted and makes girls realize you’re not dating material. Please don’t do it unless girls ask you to show them your piece, okay?

2. Also, please don’t pressure girls into it.

If a girl is not into sexting or doesn’t want to send pics, stop asking. It’s not cute, and it’s not cool. Girls end up feeling pressured and violated by this stuff — and frankly, it’s never a good look. For example, if you have to whine and beg by saying, "Come on, I talked to you all damned day, send nudes, b****," you're not gonna get anywhere. 

A better example: "If I went too far, I apologize. I'll let you initiate next time."

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3. Take hints to gauge how into you she really is.

If a girl’s talking about how she’s been “thinking about you” or mentions that she can’t wait to have fun, it’s okay to say you’ve been wanting to sext. If she seems to be leery or shuts it down, don’t pursue it. For example, if she says, "K" to almost every text you send or rarely messages you, sexting won't go over well. 

A better example: (After noticing her saying "K" and one word answers) "Well, it was cool chatting. Hit me up some time, okay?"

4. Believe it or not, d*** pics aren’t what gets girls going.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. A shot of your chest or eyes will work wonders on most girls. We’re sweet and sentimental like that. If you must hint at flaunting your package, a boxer short and face shot is a better way to go. 

5. Speaking of which, please try to look good in your photos.

Part of sexting is flexing and looking good for your partner. If you aren’t putting in effort, girls will notice and will pay it back in kind.

6. Start off slow.

Don't be the fool that jumps in and says, “I want you to suck it.” That’s not sexy, that’s thirsty. Slow and steady wins the race.

A better example: Be the guy who says things along the lines of, “I keep thinking about how beautiful you are, and damn, I think I need some excitement today.”

7. Don’t be afraid to flirt with her and have fun with it.

Girls love seeing men who are courageous with their flirtations. She will feel flattered as long as she’s into you. If you notice she’s not responding well, say it’s okay and move on to the next girl you want to chat up.

8. Please compliment her body — and not just her booty and breasts.

Girls want to know that guys see them as a whole package. Talking about how much you love her long legs and hipbones are a surefire way to make her dig sexting you.

A good example: Steer into the spicier side of this is to say something like, "You know, I really can't stop thinking about your legs and hips. They're really spectacular."

9. Start with a nice opening line.

Cliché as it may be, try asking, “What are you wearing right now?” Most girls will get the hint.

Another good example: "I feel bored... could use a snuggle."

10. Let her be the one to choose how dirty the conversation gets.

Some girls will not do well with dirty talk, at all. In fact, saying vulgar things will probably do more harm than good. Let them be the ones who take the step into raunchy territory, and follow their lead if you really want to learn how to sext.

A better example: After she mentions wanting to snuggle up, ask her, "What would you do if I was there?"

11. Don’t drink and sext.

We all have seen examples of guys who turn into drunken, sobbing messes via text message at 3 AM because "why do I never get laid?!" Do not be that guy. If you need to, have a roommate confiscate your phone when you want to unravel. This is a wonderful, absolutely wonderful way to appear desperate and socially inept. Don’t do it, bro!

12. Remember that timing is everything.

Sexting while she’s working will only make you seem like an idiot and will make her wonder what’s wrong with you. Sexting while she’s home alone? Way hotter and a way better opportunity to get sexy photos.

A better example: Before you start sexting, ask her what she's doing: "So, you home alone after a hard workday?"

13. If you show nudes, hide your face.

This allows you to avoid revenge porn and avoid blackmail issues. Revenge porn might be illegal in most states, but some sickos will still try to use it against you.

14. Believe it or not, grammar and spelling count.

I can’t even begin to describe how many girls will instantly turn away a guy the moment that they see him use bad grammar in messages. Bad spelling and similar issues make you look way stupid and also appear disrespectful.

Example: "Ever since we met, I can't stop thinking about that beautiful figure of yours," is far better than, "Yo like wyd. I seen them hips lmao."

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15. Make sure you’re sending it to the right person.

Even though I’m not male, I can say I’ve made this mistake. My contact was not pleased.

16. Though she might say that she’s doing dirty things, don’t actually expect her to do it.

A lot of guys seem to have this issue. There’s fantasy and then there’s reality. Most girls who do enjoy sexting do it because they want to help you achieve your fantasy. You dig?

Example: She might like hearing you tell her, "I'm gonna bend you over and have my way with your butt" after a lot of sexting. However, if you suddenly jump her like that IRL, you'll probably have the cops called.

17. While you might think she won’t notice, she can totally tell when you’re exaggerating.

No, we know that you literally didn’t sleep with hundreds of women. People are very hep to the jive. Please stop exaggerating, it’s not attractive.

Example: "Eh, I'm alright down there. You should find out in person" is better than, "I have 13 inches of man meat and it's the size of a Red Bull can."

18. Respond quickly.

One of the best sexting tips? If you’re sexting and you pause for too long, you might end up ruining the mood.

19. Don’t be afraid to ask her about her fantasies or fetishes.

If you find these out, then you won’t need many more sexting examples for him. You’ll know how to play to her fantasies and get her in the mood fast... possibly even in person.

Example: A good way to ask her would be to wait until you've gotten a little steamy with the banter, then ask, "You're turning me on. I better return the favor... any fantasies you wanna play out sometime soon?"

20. Thirsty isn’t sexy.

On every single hot girl’s page, there’s at least five or six guys who send her thirsty messages. She’s never going to date any of them, let alone sleep with them. You know why? Because thirsty isn’t sexy. If you’re that thirsty, grab a Gatorade. For example, messaging her repeatedly with the word "Hi" when she hasn't replied isn't sexy. It's thirsty. 

A better example: If she hasn't responded to the past 5 texts you've sent her across a span of days, stop messaging her and get the hint. 

21. The vibe should remain fun and flirty, unless she’s made it clear she’s looking for something more intense.

Fun and flirty is what makes girls feel safe. If you’re not being fun and a little lighthearted about it, she’ll likely get creeped out more than anything.

Example: "You know, I had a rough day. I sure could use a cuddle."

22. Don’t try to sext a random chick you’ve never met.

It will not go over well, and yes, she will label you a creep. At least meet up and fool around a bit, first. 

23. Kill your emoji game.

Emojis aren’t sexy. They’re f***boy material. Keep emojis to a minimum, and use them just when you’re ramping up the flirtation.

Example: "I had a dream about you last night ;)"

24. Be descriptive but don’t write a novel.

Give her imagination a bit to play around with, but don't try to write erotica. For example, saying something along the lines of, "I can't wait to get my hands on your hips and pull you on top of me" is hot. On the other hand saying, "I would like to lick your butt, slowly caressing my hands down your body as you moan and squirm" is not. One is sexy, the other is creepy. 

Another great example: Be the guy who says, "When you come over next time, I'm going to take off your panties with my teeth."

25. If you offend her, just move on.

As bad as it is to say, there’s not much you can do to salvage a sexting attempt that fails. It’s better to just move on and learn from the mistake you made.

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