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The 10 Best Marriage & Relationship Books To Read (When You Desperately Need Expert Relationship Advice)

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Love can be heartbreakingly complicated. Why can't staying in love be as easy as falling in love?

Each new argument can be so frustrating that you'd rather walk away. Don't worry you aren't alone in how you feel. Millions of people struggle to put the pieces of their marriage back together.

You have tried everything under the sun. You've read dozens of marriage books and sought relationship advice but none of them seem to help. You've worked your fingers to the bone trying to hold on to what you once had. And despite your efforts to make it work with your husband, your marriage seems stuck. You long to get back to the days where you smile at each other. When your sex life was, passionate, and you could see a bright future. 

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Here are the 10 best marriage and relationship books to read — all written by YourTango Experts — when you desperately need smart relationship advice:

1. Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage

Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage: How to Create Your Happily Ever After With More Intention, Less WorkBy Lesli Doares

Making your marriage successful can be downright confusing. This book is a real blueprint full of simple steps on how to stay together and keep your love strong. It has excellent advice on the best ways to handle intense arguments. And will help your marriage flourish. Buy it here.

2. The 5 Money Personalities

The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money LanguageBy Scott & Bethany Palmer 

One of the things that you learn after being married for a while is that money matters. In fact, money is the number one cause of divorce. With this book, you'll learn how to balance both money and love by finding out what your money personality is and how it affects your relationship. You can buy it here.

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3. The Post-Divorce Survival Guide

THE POST-DIVORCE SURVIVAL GUIDE: Tools For Your JourneyBy Dr. Judith Tutin

Negative thinking can sabotage yourself in more ways than one. After your divorce, it's hard to cope. But with a little humor and a lot of positive thinking, you can get through your post-divorce blues. Dr. Tutin uses her own experiences with divorce to help you with acceptance, coping and become your best self. Get it here.

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4. Sex and Diabetes

Sex and Diabetes: For Him and For HerJanis Roszler R.D.

Having diabetes and being in a relationship can prove to be a very complicated and delicate situation. Even if your relationship is strong, it can be stressful to deal with the complication. Roszler and Rice's team up together to guide you on having an active, healthy sex life while having diabetes. Buy it now.

5. Love Today: What's Gender Got To Do With It?

Love Today. What's Gender Got to Do With It?: 10 Valuable Insights on Love for Both SexesBy Yvonne Allen

Men and women living together can be impossible! You know how the saying goes; Women are from Venus and men well, we're still not entirely sure. Love Today focuses on insights about how love works for both genders. You can get the book here. 

6. Kickstart Your Relationship Now!

Kickstart Your Relationship Now!: Move On or Move OutBy Margot Brown

If couples therapy isn't giving you results, and you need to tackle some serious issues this book is perfect for having a breakthrough! Dr. Brown gives a step by step guide on how to make your communication more effective and improve your understanding of one another. Get Kickstart Your Relationship Now! here. 

7. Running on Empty No More

Running on Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships With 7. Your Partner, Your Parents and Your Children, By Jonice Webb Ph.D.

Sometimes the problems in your relationship can stem from your past. Being Neglected when you were a child can have a significant impact on how you and your partner view future relationships. Dr. Webb gives great advice about how you can finally begin to heal. Buy Running on Empty here.

8. Getting Naked 

Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent at the Right Time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person, By Dr. Patrick Williams
You want to make the most out of the relationships in your life. But your not sure how to go about it. Getting Naked helps you to be vulnerable and genuinely yourself with the right people at the right time. It helps to build long-lasting, powerful connections while stopping your negative patterns. Buy Getting Naked here.

9. Love Worth Making

Love Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship, By Stephen Snyder M.D. 

It's easy to find books, blogs and advice on sex. But when it comes to having a satisfying sex life with your partner of 10 years or more, they are far and few between. Dr. Snyder focuses on keeping your sex life fresh and fulfilling for long-term relationships. Buy your copy here.

10. Mommy Burnout

Mommy Burnout: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process, By Dr. Sheryl G. Ziegler 

Being a happier less stressed out parent can make you a better partner. Let's be honest. Parenting is extremely hard and overwhelming. The stress of being a mother can have a negative effect on both your partner and you. With a dose of humor, Dr. Ziegler helps guide you on how to stop the burn out cycle and be the best version of yourself. You can find Mommy Burnout here.

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