Awful Details About The Man Sentenced To Death For The Rape And Murder Of A 14-Year-Old He Lured From A Bus Stop

Christopher Whitaker raped another woman in 2005.

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Registered sex offender Christopher Whitaker was sentenced to death Monday for raping, torturing, and killing a 14-year-old Ohio girl in January 2017.

The judge could have sentenced him to life in prison but opted for the death sentence per the jury’s recommendation.

Whitaker, 45, lured young Alianna DeFreeze from her bus stop to a vacant house where he brutally stabbed, raped, and murdered her.

The seventh-grader was reported missing Jan. 26 when she didn’t show up for school.


He was charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape, aggravated burglary, tampering with evidence and offenses against a human corpse in the death of Alianna.


"Excuse me so I can look at this b---- a-- dude, " Alianna’s father, Damon DeFreeze, said when he looked over toward Whitaker, who was blocked from his view by security guards.

The DNA found at the vacant home matched that of Whitaker, who said he was high on cocaine and blacked out, CBS News reports.

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“I can see the evil that’s in him and we have to tell everybody, this is what evil looks like,” Alianna’s grandmother said, according to WKYC. “He will not torture anyone else again. …I cannot forgive this man yet. I’m still in pain.”


Both of Alianna’s parents said they would rather have seen Whitaker in prison for the remainder of his life but are not fighting the judge’s sentence.

"We preferred life without the possibility of parole, but we respect the judge’s decision," said DeFreeze. "It’s not over, it will never be over."



Alianna’s mother, Donnesha Cooper, made a powerful statement after Whitaker was given the death sentence.

"I appreciate the jury for making their judgment and recommendation, but death is too good for him," Cooper said through tears. "And I won’t believe he has any remorse until he suffers like my daughter suffered. His apology means nothing to me."

A medical examiner determined Alianna was stabbed and beaten to death, News 5 Cleveland reports.

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"My thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of Alianna DeFreeze," Prosecutor Michael O'Malley said. "The imposition of the death penalty is never an easy decision but given the facts of this horrendous case, it was the right decision."


Alianna wasn’t the first person Whitaker raped and assaulted. In 2005, he was imprisoned for raping and stabbing a woman in her Bedford Heights home.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was left unconscious after Whitaker stabbed her in the neck with scissors but managed to dial 911 when she came to, according to News 5 Cleveland.

Whitaker was charged with attempted aggravated murder and released from prison in 2009.


“A person can go out and sell drugs and get more time than they gave him. And now look what he done came back and did,” the woman said. “It’s like my life didn’t matter to them.”

Whitaker’s 2005 victim was rooting for the death sentence when she heard of Alianna’s murder.

“He took a kid’s life and, to me, when you take a kids life,” she said, “A life for a life.”

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