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Odd New Details About The Student Who Sold Her Virginity Online For $1.4 Million To A 'Hollywood Actor'

Photo: Cinderella Escorts
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A 26-year-old woman reportedly sold her virginity for a hefty price to a well-known actor. 

According to the Daily Mail, the woman — who is only going by Jasmin — auctioned off her virginity for €1.2 million. That exchanges to $1,488,043.48. 

Jasmin, who is based in London, listed her virginity for sale on Cinderella Escorts. She said she wanted to get enough of a payout so she could start her own business. 

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A rep for Cinderella Escorts said that the highest bidder was "one of her favorite actors from Hollywood." He supposedly outbid a businessman from Munich and a soccer player from Manchester United. 

Jasmin said she went to dinner with all three bidders before the final one was named and said the experience was "amazing." 

"My parents supported me from beginning," she said. "They know everything and agree." 

"I am 26 and they know that I am adult enough for deciding alone what I do with my body. As I met the actor already and I was always a big fan of [his], I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my virginity."

She said her parents agreed that it was a better idea to sell her virginity rather than wait for the right person. 

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A rep for Cinderella Escorts said her virginity is proved with a doctor's certificate, and the buyer is allowed to bring a doctor to meeting for a "second opinion." 

Jasmin is allowed to stop the sale at any point if she feels uncomfortable.


Cinderella Escorts

The meeting with the woman and the mysterious actor is set to take place at a hotel in April. 

"I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage," Jasmin said. "I was one of them. I really wanted to wait for the right one. But I don't want to wait any longer."

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