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Why The Newest Horrible Dating Trend Called 'Mosting' Is 100 Times Worse Than Ghosting

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Many of us have been ghosted by a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Rejection hurts and is awful, but there's a new dating trend that takes ghosting to the next level. It's called "mosting" and it's making us ask ourselves, "Just... why?!"

What is mosting? If you had someone say you’re perfect for them and a few weeks later they just disappear, you have been mosted. This just goes to show how some people can have way too much time on their hands.

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Mosting makes the victim feel like the relationship you both have is genuine. The “Moster” will go out of their way to show you how important you are to them, only to leave you high and dry without even so much as a warning.

“Mosters” fake feelings to create a false connection in order to get what they want. But mosting is different from leaving because of a deal breaker: Mosting is supposed to be for fun.

Nick Notas, a dating coach for men, says that this new dating phenomenon is actually not so new. The reason men or anyone does this is because they’re too afraid to ask for what they really want. In the age of Tinder and other dating apps, the conservative path of dating seems to stick with people more than it needs to. These “Mosters” believe they need to lay the affection on thick in order to gain the access they desire.

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Mosting is the product of deceptive immaturity and messes with the lives of those who just want to be happy. Being direct with your intentions helps diminish any confusion about where the relationship is going. Of course, there may be some rejection, but there's always someone who wants the same thing you do. 

The main issue here is the feeling of entitlement and how others feel like whoever they come in contact with must be willing to interact how they want. Of course, not everyone is a "Moster." Some people are just not good at keeping intimate relationships.

It’s horrible that they sold you dreams, but it could be something deeper than wanting to use you. Everyone has different experiences and deals with love in diverse ways. Although, I’m sure the pain feels the same, no matter what. 

Being told the truth rather than having to wonder what went wrong is definitely the best way to end any relationship. Telling the truth is always the mature move. So, for future reference, instead of mosting or even ghosting, just get a Tinder and spare them the pain.

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