What Your College Major Should Be, According To Astrology By Zodiac Sign

Scorpios wouldn't have "real" degrees or go to "real" schools.

What Your College Major Should Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Does a college major really matter? Some studies say that people will change their college majors at least six times before graduation. 

Some people choose to be undecided when they first enroll and then after finishing electives they will choose a major to study.

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But, there are other people who grow up knowing what career they want to do for a living from a young age (those lucky people). 

For most of us, though, choosing a college major is difficult because what you love doing and what you might actually make money at might be two different things which is why what you decide to study in college matters. 



I'm a Scorpio zodiac sign, and as I’m writing this, I’m finishing up an editorial internship for YourTango. I’m a creative writing major with a concentration in fiction. Next semester, I will be a first semester senior and I’ll be crossing over into journalism. 

I’ve been a reader since I was five years old. I never wanted to play dolls with girls or robots with boys which is nothing new with people born with a horoscope like mine. We are secretive and have deep imaginations. Which is why astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs can reveal things about a person's college major choice without them even knowing it. 



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It wasn’t until middle school that I realized I had developed the skill for writing to the point where I was solely becoming recognized for it. It also wasn’t until after my sophomore year of college that I started taking writing more seriously as a profession.

I always thought it would just be something I could pursue on the side while paying my bills with a completely different job. Incredibly long story short, I’m now an intern at YourTango and I’ve learned you can totally create a path using the skills you have.

Even if you don’t go to a “real school” because you preferred a great art school and you didn’t choose an “actual major” because you prefer to do what you love, which is writing, painting, creating video games, etc.


Enough about me and my past. If you’re not like me, I’ve come up with a few suggestions on which majors you can choose based on your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has different strengths or weaknesses and, of course, different passions. 

Scroll down below and see what I suggest for your zodiac sign, using astrology! Even if you already are working towards a career.

1. ARIES: Sports Science/Sports Psychology Major


Aries has a natural competitive edge. If you're an Aries going to college without a clue what to do, consider going into a sports-related field. You'll have a career that includes your interests.

Plus, you'll be surrounded by like-minded people. You'd all be sports-lovers and those people will be asking for your expertise, making you feel like a winner.

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2. TAURUS: Management/Accounting Major

It's no secret that Taurus love comfort and materialistic pleasures. You should go into a business-related field that'll help you have a stable income. Growth is also important in your career and you'll be allowed that with business knowledge.


You're also not the type to be offered by an office job. Accounting and management are two different fields that serve as examples, but, you can do so much more. 

3. GEMINI: Public Relations/Tourism Major

Gemini loves the energy they get from being around people. You need a career that allows you to maintain that socially active lifestyle. A major in public relations that allows you to connect with others and offer them what they need is a great option for you.

If not that one, you can also get into tourism. A great career in tourism in destination planning and management.


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4. CANCER: Designer/Culinary Major

Cancer would do good in a culinary or design-related field. You're someone who prides themselves on looking good, living good, and feeling good. You also love extending that to those you care about in your life.

You can combine the two in a design-related field or culinary field. People would be looking to you to feel good in these fields which is something you'd be able to take pride in as a Cancerian individual.


5. LEO: Theater Management/Film Major

Leos are super showy and love a good crowd. You should stomp on stage and transform that love for theater into a theater career. For some cash, you can totally enter into theater management.

If not, you can pursue a film major. You could get credit for putting your vision on big screens everywhere. 

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6. VIRGO: Veterinary Sciences/Botany Major

Virgos love animals and nature. They should go into a veterinary or a botany career. You could learn anything from animal behavior to ailments that specific animals tend to suffer from and correct their issues.

If not, you can show off your knowledge of anything botanical and appreciate the beauty of nature for a living. Either of those fields would require your discerning eye and meticulousness.

7. LIBRA: Criminal Science/Sociology Major

Libras love people and love for those people to be fair. You can lend your high standards and morality to the criminal science or sociology fields. In the former, you'd be adding your perspective to find justice for others.


In the latter, you'd be studying how groups of people function and branch out from there. You would love either because you'd be delving deep into issues that affect humans.

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8. SCORPIO: Biomedical engineering/Creative Writing Major

Scorpios are unpredictable. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that my two suggestions for them seem unrelated to each other. However, science is an art just like creative writing is an art. In both, all of you Scorpios can create something that someone else would find astonishing.


On a personal level, you're allowed to dive in deep and make crazy discoveries that everyone knows you love uncovering.

9. SAGITTARIUS: Nutrition/Physical Therapy Major

Sagittarians are ones that tend to focus on the self and how the self can improve. As such, you should go into nutrition or physical therapy. With the former, you'd be helping people improve themselves by watching what they put into the machines that are their bodies.

With the latter, you'd be applying external strategies onto a person to help them improve. It's not just about the bodies because you'd also be improving their quality of life as a result.


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10. CAPRICORN: History/Mathematics Major

Capricorns are all about things starting and moving forward. You'd do well in a history major because you'd be able to study how certain events started and how they continue to affect us all.

You'd also develop ideas as to how things can change in people's lives depending on choices made on a bigger scale.


If not, you can go into mathematics because there are so many subjects in that field. You'd constantly be dealing with change, which you definitely love.

11. AQUARIUS: Political sciences/Law Major

Aquarians are all about progress just like Capricorn, but it manifests itself in different ways. You, as someone who loves social causes, can go into political science and learn about the things that tend to affect others as a whole.

If not, you can learn about all the norms people have to follow laws and understand why these norms were created. With both majors, you could potentially be a catalyst for huge change. Plus, you could branch out and meet other people which would help develop your loner self.


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12. PISCES: Marine Biology/Psychology Major

Pisces are known for their depth and fluidity. You would have a natural desire to learn about the depths of the ocean. You would do well in learning about all the life that lives in those depths. You could also go into a career in psychology.

In either field, you'd dive in deep and rise back up with a deeper understanding of the world around you as well as the world within you.