The Healthiest Month To Be Born In Is...

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The Healthiest Birth Month Is...

Can you guess?

First, we were told that there's a possibility that your birth order affects your personality type and future relationships. But now a recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association revealed the month you're born in plays a major role in your overall health.

Researchers at Columbia University studied 1.7 million patients at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center over the course of 28 years to determine whether or not their birth month determines the type of diseases they are at risk of.

After comparing the participants' medical records to 1,688 diseases, they discovered that 55 of these diseases have a direct correlation to their birth monthThe study found that "people born in May had the lowest disease risk, and those born in October the highest." 

Scientists conduced more tests and concluded that July and October babies have a greater risk of asthma than any of the other months. But that's not all. They also found that "around one in 675 occurrences [of ADHD] could relate to being born in New York in November [while] people born in March [face] the highest risk for atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, and mitral valve disorder."

So if you were born in March, July, October or November, make sure to keep up with your healthy diet and check out this infographic from lead researcher Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti:

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