10 Netflix Shows & Movies For Couples To Watch This Week

Perfect shows to cuddle to with your boo

what to watch on netflix shows movies for couples

Quality time is an important part of every relationship, including romantic ones. Especially, if one or both of you have quality time as a shared love language. But, who says it needs to be an over-the-top date? Who says it needs to be drawn out?

You can spend great quality time together on a random night in your house watching your favorite Netflix show/movie/documentary.

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To make it easier to decide (and agree on) what to watch tonight  or any night of the week, we've gathered some of our tested favorites. So no more arguing over who gets to choose tonight  we'll do the choosing for you. 

Trust us, we've got great suggestions that won't let you down. 


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Looking for an insightful documentary? Reality T.V.? We've even got a horror comedy on the list (yes, that's a thing and it's AWESOME.) Are you more traditional? We've got some sappy things to watch too.

So sit back and prepare for some Netflix and chill, watch some of the trailers below and go for it. You won't regret it. 

1. Happy (The documentary)

This documentary is one of my personal favorites. It serves an educational purpose for its audience while being the result of different people’s quest to answer the question of what happiness might be.


It enlightens its viewers on all the different aspects and areas of life that contribute to happiness. You get different perspectives which inspire you to make choices that better your life. So, this is a good one to watch for ideas on how to maintain the happiness in your relationship.

2.  Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I had a roommate who was obsessed with this show. As a bonding activity, and because everyone used her Netflix as our only source of entertainment, I began to watch some episodes with her.

This is a good adult twist on our favorite childhood fairytales. This is a fun one to watch because you can identify with a different character and learn more about your partner by knowing who they’ve always identified with in terms of fairy tale characters.


3.  Orange Is The New Black

Of course, I couldn’t leave out this Netflix fan favorite. This is one of those shows that is loved for its characters. Each character is so different and well-developed that it’s hard not to find one you admire.

Besides, the setting is a wild choice because there are plenty of criminal justice shows and few shows centered on the criminals’ actual lives. If nothing else, this choice is good for when you wanted to be transported out of your world. 

4.  House M.D.

Pretty much everyone will agree that Dr. House is amazing — albeit a huge jerk. Even after the show stopped and it was just reruns, I excitedly waited for the next episode to air.


If you have the kind of sense of humor that would find a jerk funny, rather than offensive, you should watch this show. Remember not to treat your partners like he treats his partners (*tugs collar*, rather treat them like he treats his patients.

5.  Queer Eye

This is a show with funny, quirky, feel-good episodes. Plus, everyone loves fashion, dating and life advice — even if they don’t enjoy receiving it. They talk about fashion, grooming, interior design, food, wine, and culture.

This show is super funny and enjoyable to watch. Just watch an episode a day, or do like I did and binge watch through a whole season when you should be working.


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6.  The End of The F ing World 

This show is twisted. As it should be because it’s a dark comedy. Now, dark comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Unless, your cup of tea is dark and bitter like my soul.

This show has been compared to 13 Reasons Why, so fans of that show are suggested to watch this show and see if the comparison holds true. Maybe? If not it's still an unexpected hit that kept me glued to my seat.

7.  The Babysitter

I think of this show and I think of the show Scream Queens. That’s because Scream Queens is the kind of horror comedy show that makes fun of 1980’s horror movies stereotypes. The Babysitter pretty much reminds me of all those things.


I mean, the kid finds out his babysitter is part of a satanic cult. If this is your kind of plot, you should definitely watch this show and see what unfolds.

8. Drinking Buddies

This movie is good for new couples and friends who should be couples. If you like more sentimental shows, this one’s for you. It’s also super romantic.

Perhaps, you’d like to watch it during a relaxing date night in. You should feel closer to your partner after it.


9.  Kitchen Nightmares 

Out of all the blue-eyed jerks I know, this one is my favorite. I’m sure he’s also everyone else’s favorite.

Kitchen Nightmares only has reruns but I’m willing to re-watch them. It’s so fun seeing all the ways others can mess up and all the ways Gordon can have a meltdown. Plus, you know you want to hear him call them out for using frozen food when advertising fresh. 

10.  Chelsea Does

Chelsea Handler is my other favorite blue-eyed jerk. I was so sad when Chelsea Lately stopped airing. So, I suggest watching Chelsea Does if you also love her.


This show is a little more focused as she explores, marriage, racism, drugs and Silicon Valley. If these topics interest you too, this is your show.

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