5 Crazy, New Spoilers From 'Making A Murderer' Season 2 On Netflix

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Making A Murderer season 2

In 2015, Netflix released a powerful true crime series that had everyone talking. It was called Making a Murderer and if you haven't watched it yet and you can't get enough of trending true crime projects like Serial or Dirty John, you really need to get on that, especially with the breaking news about the follow up projects, including a Making A Murderer season 2.

Making a Murderer followed the investigation into the murder of Teresa Halbach. This isn't a spoiler, so cut me some slack, but in the show you learn that Steven Avery, a man with a very complicated and fishy backstory (to say the least) was the main suspect in the young woman's murder. The series follows the investigation into Avery and his other family members and it's pretty darn gripping.

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Netflix has talked about a second season to the show for a while now, but so far there's been no news... until now.

The creators of the show have announced a follow-up project called Convicting a Murderer, and while it is not the highly anticipated second season, it does explain why season two has been so long in coming. Here are a few things to know about the Making A Murderer follow up.

1. This is NOT a sequel. 

Shawn Rech and his longtime producing partner attorney Andrew Hale are currently shopping around a new project called Convicting a Murderer, a new show which will once again center on convicted murderers Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey.

This will NOT be a sequel to their super-popular project Making a Murderer, according to the filmmakers. They are describing it as more of a follow-up on the case of the murder of Teresa Halbach. Deadline reports that this 8-episode documentary series is being independently financed and is still looking for a home. 

2. Expect more perspectives.

When Making a Murderer was released it received a lot of criticism for seemingly presenting a take on the case was biased in favor of Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey. This time, Shawn Rech hopes to expand the perspectives presented in the documentary.

In a statement released about the new project, he said "This docuseries will examine the case and the allegations of police wrongdoing from a broader perspective. It will also share with viewers the traumatic effects of being found guilty and vilified in the court of public opinion."

3. This time, the law speaks out. 

In Making a Murderer, many police officers involved in the investigation of the murder of Teresa Halbach either were not permitted to be interviewed about the case or refused to speak with the filmmakers, which made for a pretty one-sided conversation being presented in the series. 

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That's changed with Convicting a Murderer. The filmmakers finally got access to retired District Attorney Ken Kratz and lead investigator Tom Fassbender, who weren't able to appear in the first series. 

Shawn Rech added, "We'll present all of the evidence in the Avery case from the perspective of both the prosecution and the defense and see if viewers feel the same way they did two years ago following the first season of Making A Murderer."

4. It may not be on Netflix.

Yup, you heard that right. Although Making a Murderer was a huge success for Netflix, there is a possibility that Convicting a Murderer might find a home elsewhere. The project has secured millions of dollars in funding and it hasn't formally announced where it will make it home which has folks wondering what's up, exactly.

5. There is still a sequel in the works. 

While Convicting a Murderer might not appear on Netflix, it's doubtful that you've seen the last of what Shawn Rech and company have to say about the story of Steven Avery. Netflix greenlit a second season of the hit docu-series, but as of right now there hasn't been any confirmation about what that show will be and when we can expect it to pop up on Netflix. 

This is purely speculative, but it sounds like the team was so focused on producing this more expansive look at the case that the second season of the Netflix show was shelved while they prioritized this project. Either way, it's good to know that we can plenty more from this masterful true crime team. 

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