Disney World's Sparkling Rose Gold Cupcakes & Margaritas Are The Sweet Treats Of Our Dreams

There's a unicorn. Need we say more?

Disney Rose Gold Dessert Collection

The Disney Parks Blog Sweet Treats: Rose Gold Edition came out this week announcing the amazing news that they've begun selling oodles of new rose gold colored desserts matching the coveted hue of their popular new rose gold ears and spirit jerseys at locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. 


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When spoken of by jewelers, rose gold "refers to an alloy of gold to which copper has been added," and it is, in the immortal words of Mugatu from Zoolander, SO hot right now.  You see it in nail color, shoes, and even iPhones.

It's definitely the color of the moment and with good reason.

There's something so classy about it, something sweet and feminine that is also strong and magical. It's crazy to think that a color could contain all of those qualities, but if you've ever changed your nail color and felt your mood instantly lift then you know the magic feeling I'm talking about, and rose gold might be the most magical hue of them all!


The folks at Disney are taking full advantage of this glitteringly glamorous trend. Now, not only can you while the days away loving life in the happiest place on earth, you can do it all while feasting and sipping on some of the coolest looking rose gold confections around.

Here's a taste of the 6 


1. Rose Gold Red Velvet Swirl Cupcake


If you visit the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom you can sample this heavenly delight. It's a red velvet cupcake... topped with a tiny baby vanilla cupcake! Who doesn't want two cupcakes at once, right? They are topped with rose gold buttercream, crispy chocolate pearls (drool) and rose gold Minnie Mouse ears!

I don't know whether I want to eat it or put it in a museum. (Let's be real: I want to eat it.)


2. Vanilla Rose Gold Cupcake


For the next tasty delight, you need to head over to Sunshine Seasons at Epcot. That's where you can find the original rose gold cupcake. It's a vanilla cupcake, with a hazelnut swirl all topped off rose gold  buttercream, sugar ears, glitter THAT YOU CAN EAT and more of those famous chocolate pearls. 


3. Rose Gold Margarita

Disney is not known for its booze, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to whip up something exciting in the areas that do allow a bit of the old hooch. If you venture forth to the Barefoot Pool Bar in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort you can enjoy this margarita with a gold sugar rim served with a lime and side of awesome.


The awesome is figurative. 


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4. Rose Gold Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

If you're a strawberry sort of feaster, march yourself down to Contempo Cafe at Disney's Contemporary Resort. They keep it a little basic, it's just a vanilla cupcake... but it's filled with strawberry deliciousness, vanilla buttercream, strawberry pearls, and dark chocolate rose gold Minnie hat.


Because things are just better with Minnie Mouse ears.


5. Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake 

Go to Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel and Spa and visit Gasparilla Island Grill and immediately order this confection. It doesn't have as many colors as the other items on this list but it is a rose gold sponge cake topped with hazelnut cream stuffed with cheeeeeeeeesecake


I caaaaannnnnot and also it has an EDIBLE UNICORN HORN ON IT. KILL ME I WANT SEVEN. 


6. Rose Gold Chocolate Cupcake

If you want to try one of these new rose gold treats but you don't want to make a special trip for them, this is the one to go for. You can get it in the Intermission Food Court in Disney's All-Star Music Resort, The Artist's Palette in Saratoga Springs, and The Paddock Grill at Disney's Old Key West Resort. It's like all of Disney wants to make sure you enjoy this confection. It's a chocolate cupcake filled AND topped with strawberry buttercream.


Finishing touches include chocolate ears and more crispy chocolate pearls than you can shake a stick at! 



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