New Details About The Missing 5-Year-Old Girl Who Was Found Under A Trailer After A 14-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaulted And Abandoned Her

Police found her when they heard her whimpering.

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A Texas girl who was reported missing was found hours later under an abandoned trailer. She told police she had been sexually assaulted by a boy she lived with. 

According to the 5-year-old girl, she was taken from a trailer where she lived with the 14-year-old boy along with her 8-year-old brother and three other children. They left the trailer overnight on Monday. 

She said he then took her to the abandoned property less than a mile away, where he sexually assaulted her and left her there. 


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Police found her at 2 p.m. the following day after hearing her whimper under the trailer. They arrested the boy and put him in a juvenile detention center. 

Neither of their names have been released, and all the other children who were living in the home have been removed. The girl and the boy were not related but lived together. 

Cooke County Sheriff's Office said the girl was located underneath the porch of an abandoned trailer. The yard was covered in debris and junk. 


"During the investigation, it was determined another juvenile who resided at the same residence as the missing juvenile, removed the missing juvenile from the residence during the night and sexually assaulted her in an abandoned residence nearby," said Sheriff Terry Gilbert. "Afterwards, the missing juvenile was left underneath another abandoned residence until she was located."  

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"The suspect juvenile was detained by the Cooke County Sheriff's Office and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Denison, awaiting arraignment." 

Police wouldn't comment on the girl's injuries or how long they thought she had been left alone.



"It’s sickening, very sickening," said neighbor Jackie Brown. "Makes me not want to think about it. It’s unbelievable. We’ve been here 18 years. Nothing like this has ever happened around here and it just shocks us." 

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