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Who Is Alexis Ren, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year

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Who Is Alexis Ren, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year

Alexis Ren is a supermodel and internet celebrity with a crazy amount of Instagram followers. In 2017, she landed the cover of Maxim and now she holds the title of Sports Illustrated's 2018 'Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year.' 21-year-old Ren has never been shy about posting photos of her lavish travel lifestyle online but recently has faced plastic surgery rumors from fans and haters alike.

Ren first started modeling at the age of 13 for Italian clothing brand Brandy Melville, and her career took off just a few years later when a photo shoot she did with popular Los Angeles photographer Lucas Passmore went viral on Tumblr

Now that Ren's career is officially booming, it comes as no surprise that, like most other celebs, she's taken her place on the rumor mill. Many Instagram commenters have called the model out for allegedly altering her looks with plastic surgery, including a boob job, lip injections, a nose job, and a butt lift.

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These rumors aren't new. Back in 2014, Ren addressed the rumors head-on in a simple, straightforward tweet:

It's likely that she's telling the truth — after all, her career began when she was only a teenager while her body was still developing. Here are some of the before and after photos so you judge for yourselves:

Although she's tried to deny rumors, people have continued to critique her pictures.

However, one thing Ren has openly talked about is her eating disorder. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Ren revealed that her eating disorder began after some big changes in her life, including the tragic loss of her mother, who died from breast cancer when Alexis was 17 years old. 

When she turned 18, she traveled to Australia to model, which she says helped her mourn, but she also put on a little weight. When she returned home to LA, her modeling agency made some comments about it. "They were like, 'you did gain weight and if you could start working out a little bit more…'" she told Cosmo. "I just felt so out of control."

Alexis also revealed that she felt that she was letting her mother down, who before her death was a Health Nutritionist. "I felt bad because I knew I was letting my mom down by doing everything that she wouldn’t have wanted me to do", she stated.

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She said her relationship with ex, model Jay Alvarrez, also fueled her eating disorder.

Alexis and Jay were known as the original "relationship goals" couple, after producing content together for their social media platforms in beautiful, picturesque travel locations.

When the couple began filming their YouTube lifestyle videos, Alexis said she felt lots of pressure and anxiety about being on the camera constantly. "I was my worst critic ever," she said. "The only sense of relief I had was to be able to monitor my eating and my workouts."

Luckily with the help of friends and family, Alexis got the help she needed. She admits that she's not perfect, but she's come a long way and is learning to love her body.

Ren certainly wouldn't be the first person to go under the knife to enhance her body, and absolutely won't be the last. Whether she got plastic surgery or not, it's really no one's business to judge her looks. It's her body and her choice alone. 

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