Awful New Details About The Couple Who Kidnapped Husband's Mistress To Use As Slave For Wife

The victim claims they drugged her before shackling her to the bed.

Jean-Claude and Charlotte Demars WFAA

A Texas couple is accused of drugging a woman and holding her captive on a bed covered in feces for weeks, according to police. 

Jean-Claude Demars, 51, and Charlotte Demars, 41 reportedly held a 51-year-old woman as a slave in their Ovilla home. According to the arrest warrant, the victim was Jean-Claude's mistress. 

The woman told police that she had been having a long-term affair with Jean-Claude, and he had been paying for her to stay in a local motel. Until recently, when the payments abruptly stopped. 


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Because of that, the victim said she was kicked out of the motel and had to stay at a women's shelter. On Jan. 14, she said Jean-Claude picked her up and took her to a gas station to get a drink. 

She felt dizzy and said the next thing she knew, she was tied up in their bed. 

The victim told police that the couple said she was to be "Charlotte's slave." She was only given a bucket to relieve herself in. The couple gave her a tablet computer to use and she was able to get help. 


A tip finally led police to the Demars' home and found the victim chained up to a bed. The room she was in was covered with feces, according to the report. 

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Jean-Claude told police that after he picked the victim up from the shelter, she started acting "loopy" and passed out after they left the gas station. The couple admitted to shackling her. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Demars told officer[s] that they did apply the chains and shackles to [the victim], but only because [she] requested it to avoid killing them in their sleep,” the affidavit reads.


Police also said they found pills in Charlotte's bag. They're currently being tested to determine whether they were used to drug the victims. 

Both Jean-Claude Demars and Charlotte Demars have been charged with kidnapping. They're each being held on a $150,000 bond. 

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